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  1. Hey there,
    I’m from Canada and I just need to say this is an awesome sight! I definitely will be coming back to it all the time its perfect ! its just what I need! And it’s matched to the exact product that she buys which is so uncommon for other sites that will give you items that are close looking which isn’t as great but thanks! i love to follow these kinds of things :)

  2. OMG please keep on doing this! this is so amazing,
    i’ve been looking everywhere for something like this!
    a place where i can find the clothes of kendall and kylie jenner!

    thaaank you sooo much <3

  3. Hello, first of all, I LOVE your blog. I love the Jenner’s fashion sense and you are the best and one of few sites I have found that supplies where to actually buy clothes like theirs. Secondly,I have been trying to find this bathing suit Kendall wore in the Dominican Republic for ever but haven’t found one site that had information on it. Every other bathing suit she has worn I know where to buy except this one.I was wondering if you knew where to get it or anything about it? Here’s the link…

  4. i have a question about where this shirt that kylie Jenner is wearing……

    and another question about kendall jenner and where she got this shirt…..–600×600.jpg

    and what kendall jenner is wearing and wear to get it…….

    and the last one is wear kylie jenner got the sweater….

    sorry for so many questions!!!!

  5. Hey that knit sweater Kylie Jenner uploaded and you commented we can find it here where she got it!! Can you try and find it please and thank you! Hahaha x

  6. Omg!!! I love ur blog!!!!!!!!!!

    Id love to buy the striped top that kylie wore on the last episode of kuwtk, its the one that is open on the shoulders and its blue and white, and she has a photo with some girlfriends on her instagram from 7 weeks ago! Thank you so much for being available and search it for us! I wouldnt know where to start!

    • Thank you so much!

      I know exactly what shirt you are talking about! I have been looking for it, I think now that the episode aired, it will be easier to find! If I do, there will be a post for it! Subscribe, so you don’t miss it!!

    • Just so you know, I did a post on this shirt, It is by BCBG but it is a few seasons old, so it isn’t available online anymore :( I posted a bunch of very similar shirts though!!

  7. I was wondering where I could find this dress Kendall Jenner is wearing on this YouTube video at 1:55. I cant find the exact one anywhere. I hope you can help; I need this dress for an upcoming party next week.

  8. What you found was close enough; thank you so much!! You really just saved me big time :D Thanks for trying!

  9. Hey, I just wanted to say I love your blog! love the Jenner sisters! I saw this dress on Kendall Jenner and I fell inlove with it! I basically have the same hair as Kendall and body like her and I would love to know where to get it! I know its by Aaron Ashe but its really expensive, I was wondering if you could work your magic and maybe find a similar one but cheaper? Thanks :) heres the picture of the dress.×610-blue-dress-blue-dress-kendall-jenner.jpg

  10. Wow this website is so cool!! Seems like you do alot of spending just like me :P I was wondering i think you should try and sell your items that you no longer use or wear it would be great for you and great for others :)

    • That is a great idea! I do have an ebay store, perhaps I will link it in here, and then you guys can help me buy more things! :)

    • Also on the same note, maybe you could do like a “dress for less page”. You know if you find similar pieces for a lot less money. Just an idea I had, but anyways I absolutely love this site! I had been looking for this for the longest time. I don’t know how you do, but your amazing!

      • Thanks so much!! :)
        I was thinking of doing some “Kendall/Kylie Inspired” outfits, where you could get their style, without spending an arm and a leg!
        Stay tuned for some exciting new things :)

    • Just so you know, I have posted a new page at the top of my main page with a link to my eBay store :)
      Thanks for the great idea!!

  11. Hey Jenna! Haha thanks for the cred a few days ago;). I was wondering if you could do a post on printed denim jeans that Kendall and Kylie are really into, such as the ones from Joes high water printed denim, some prints from JBrand etc. Except feature some under $100 or so? I know thats a tall order, but if you have time I’d REALLY appreciate it!!! :D

  12. Okay, I just love this blog! You are so amazing, and I honestly have no idea how you do all of this. So anyways, I was just wondering if you could find something for me, and if you could find a similar but less expensive version of a top you already did a post on. Both by the way are for Kendall. Here are the links:
    I know you already did a post for Kylie when they were wearing these clothes, but I was hoping you could do Kendall’s outfit, or even just her shirt.
    And as you can probably tell from the link, this is the one you already did a post on, but I was just hoping you could find a similar shirt that’s a little less expensive. Again this site is absolutely amazing, and thank you for everything you do for all of us who love this site! Oh and sorry this is so long. I tend to write a lot more than needed.

    • I couldn’t find one that was stark white with a seam at the bottom like Kendall’s shirt, but this one is VERY similar and i know she shops at Brandy Melville: – just pull it off one shoulder to get her look! :)

      and unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that was remotely similar to that t-bags sweater. It truly is one of a kind… and more bad news, there are none on ebay, either :( if you would be willing to do a cardigan, that would open your options up. let me know!!

      • Thank you so much! That shirt does look a lot like the one she wore and its pretty inexpensive which is also a plus! And for the other shirt if it really is one of a kind maybe I should just splurge a little and go for it. I think it would be worth it. But again thank for the other shirt.

        • I believe the t-bags sweater is now sold out from Saks… Not sure where else it is for sale, you might have to do some research. And I’m glad you liked the white one. Sorry I couldn’t find the exact one!! :)

          • Okay, thanks for letting me know. And it totally fine I really like the one you did find so it doesn’t really make a difference to me. Thanks again.

  13. Hii! I was wondering if you know where Kylie got her bulletin board that she has in her room. You can see it in her room tour video for seventeen magazine. Thanks!

  14. Hey! I LOVE this blog! Is there any chance you could maybe look for Kendall and Kylie ‘s Teen Choice Awards outfits please? :) Im dying to find both their dresses! PS keep this blog going! :D

  15. Dit moi que tu est française s’il te plaît !! Car j’ai envie de changer la couleur de mon iPhone 4s mais je c’est pas si ont peut le faire en France est des que j’ai vu “Jenna à la mode” je me suis dit :”Yeeaaa une française qui a réussie a changer la couleur de son iPhone, donc je peut aussi” mais maintenant j’ai un doute que tu est française car tu écrit juste en anglais, donc je voulez savoir si tu était française ?

    • je ne suis pas français mais je parle un peu! Tu voudrais changer la couleur de votre iphone? Aller dans un magasin de réparation de téléphone!!! :)

  16. Hey! I was wondering, do you know where kendall and kylie got their dresses that they wore to the teen choice awards? Sorry if ive sent that twice.. i trued to post something earlier and i dont think it sent :) PS LOVE THIS BLOG! :D

  17. Hi, I love your blog!! :)
    I was wondering if you could find some things from Kylie’s bedroom? e.g. Her red lip painting, her black and white wooly bed cover, or pillows? I would be much appreciated!!
    Thank you for you time :)
    Kate :)

  18. Hey Jenna! I am currently in NYC, and excited for some shopping! I plan on going to Brandy Melville, Topshop, Zara, but are there any other stores you recommend?

    • You should at least walk through Bergdorfs, to say you did! It’s on 5th, right by Louis Vuitton, their building is polka dot now and super cute :)

      If you’re going out to soho, I recommend checking out a store called Necessary Clothing. Super cheap, but they have some very Kylie-esque blouses! There are a few shops right by there with similar clothing, too! And of course check out H&M!!

      I think soho is your best bet. It’s where the Brandy Melville is. There is an H&M and a Zara on every corner…and less tourists than 5th!! :)

      Let me know what you find!!!

    • Also: I just got the collared shirt post up :) a few are from Necessary Clothing. Check them out when you’re in SoHo for sure!!

  19. Hey Jenna! Kylie jenner posted a couple pictures today(8-5-12) on instagram of part of her bathing suit and i was hoping you could find where its from? Thanks!

  20. Hii Jenna , let me just say I adore your blog! It’s the best! But I was wondering if you could tell me where to get that yellow shirt Kylie is wearing during her shopping trip. Thank you thankyou so much! Have a wonderful day !

  21. Hii again but I was wondering if you knew were I could get mileys gold acessories ? The ones I’m asking for are in the last picture, the close up with her engagment ring. I mostly want to know where to get the bracelet and watch she is seen with everywhere , thanks again !(:

  22. Hi, I know you usually post kendall and kylie clothes, but I was wondering if you could find this outfit:
    (click on the second pic & it will come up in bigger version)
    With the girl’s outfit on the far left with the black leggings with white cracked triangles with the ‘Love Pink’ top.
    If you found it I would really appreciate it :) Thanks for your time.
    Love your blog :) :)

    • Hey! I didn’t forget about you! I looked quickly and couldn’t find anything. I am about to head out the door, but I will look better for you tonight :)

    • Did you see the comments where I found her bed and night stand? That’s all I have found so far. Bedroom decor is much harder than clothes!!! But I will do my best :) keep in mind it took me like a week and a half to find the bed! Haha so it might be a while! xxoo

  23. Hi, I highly doubt you know this show but I watch this australian dance show haha, called dance academy. They are dancers, haha hence the name, and some of them have the coolest dancer styled clothes, cool leggings, joggers, off the shoulder tops. I was wondering if you know about the show? I love some of the clothes:) I am sorry i don not even really know what im asking you haha

      • I really need some help on deciding on a watch to buy so since you have amazing fashion I thought in asking you would be perfect! These are a few I really like, please tell me you input &which one you like the best for everyday wear or just the best thanks again!






  24. I was on tumblr and looking at one of the jenner style blogs and there was legit one blog that copied ALL your recent posts. It was rediculous she copied your recent shorts, kylie’s jewelry, and Kendall’s red crochet top. The blog name is jennersstyle if you want to message her. The LEAST she could of done was credit you!

    • I’m not sure if it was the same one, but I’ve been accused of copying someone on tumblr for a few of Kendall’s outfits. Like, get real lol. I am sure that tumblr and I find our things at a lot of the same places… The only time I ever use someone elses is if someone comments for an outfit, and if I find it on a tumblr, then I link the person, but I don’t do a post of it an try to steal credit! It’s annoying!! Thanks for the heads up! I will have to check her tumblr out! Haha

    • The dress is from Alice and Olivia, and I think the shoes are YSL :) the dress is sold out; but you could probably find it on ebay!

  25. If you see that cold shoulder sweater anywhere else can you post it. the one you posted is sold out and ive searched all over everywhere for it and i’ve never been so upset over a shirt hahahaha. :( but i seriously love your blog! i look at your post everyday religiously :)

  26. Thanks Jenna I’ll have a look and when ive tried too order things from brandy Melville it asks for zip codes and states but we don’t have those

  27. hi i was wondering if you could find out where kylie jenner got her shorts she posted on instagram? The caption was outfit today, and it is her latest post. could you find out where she got the rest of her outfit?

    • Hi! The shorts are by Bambi and Manson. The exact ones won’t be on the site, since their shorts are custom. Her black bralette is by Brandy Melville. I will try to get a post with links up tonight or early tomorrow :)

  28. Hi! I was wondering where Kylie got her bathing suit that she posted on instagram awhile back. It was a black and white photo and she was laying down on her back. Thanks!!

    • Yes, it is! I own a few things from there, and I have a friend who shops religiously from Nast Gal. Neither she nor I have ever had a problem with them! :)

  29. I found some items that you could use that Kendall Jenner has worn. I have not notiffied any other “Kendall Jenner Style” blogs about it because i thought you would like to be the first to know.

    These shorts:

    This top:

    They are both EXACT matches.

        • Hahah no worries!! And really!? Thanks!

          If you watch the back to school shopping haul videos, I hardly found anything of Kendall’s. Then I need to find Kylie’s tote bag from that video too!!

          If you find any of those, you will be my new favorite person!! :)

  30. Hi ! how are you ? I’d like to know where can I buy “the motel goldie dress bodycon in purple” ? because the dress isn’t available online… and on ebay it’s too expensive … do you know another website ? thank you !

    a swiss girl who like ur website ;)

  31. Hi Jenna! Kylie posted a picture on Instagram recently of herself in a mirror. Shes wearing a skirt and a white collared shirt. She posted it today. She’s also wearing black stilletos. Could you tell me where she got these items? Oh and please make a post! It would be so cool if i could be the inspiration of one of your posts!

  32. Hey, I need to buy a new handbag or shoulder bag and I was wondering if u can post some of Kendall and Kylie’s casual hand and shoulder bags, thank you

  33. Hi Jenna!
    I cant believe you found so much stuff from Kylie’s bedroom!
    I cannot thank you enough for finding all of her bits and pieces
    I always love checking your blog everyday,
    Keep up the most amazing work!! :))

  34. Hey jenna! Got a question, can you have a look at alli simpson’s instagram ( befriend with Kendall and Kylie Jenner) her latest picture (some high heels), I totally fell in love with them, can you please please please find out where she bought them?

    Love, me!

  35. can you do a post on what kylie wore out with cody simpson? the outfit with the black jacket and white top and scarf and boots.

  36. Heyyy!
    I’ve been looking all over for the clothes in Kendalls Back To School Haul like you said, and i found the jeans! Its funny actually, i was looking at a Taylor Swift style tumblr and Taylor has worn them haha(: I will keep looking for the rest of her clothes and stuff from that video, but i also know that her Christian Loubutons sneaker are in the video.
    Heres the link to the pants(:

  37. Hey Jenna! I was just wondering if you could help me find a cute and not too expensive tote bag that I can use for school. I would really prefer one that doesn’t have a logo. And, you don’t necessarily need to find specific bags I just need to know where to look cuz I honestly have no idea haha. Thanks.

    • I believe they are Bambi and Manson. I am pretty sure Kendall and Kylie got a few pair to endorse the brand! They’ve been wearing them a lot lately, and these are the same style! xx

  38. Hey Jenna, I love your blog so much!!! I just wanted to ask you, the photo that you put up on your blog of Kendall taking a picture of herself with neon pants, do you know where you could find those pants because i have been trying to find them but they are nowhere to be found. So i was hoping you can help me find them please!
    thank u

  39. hey jenna! i looooove your blog wow! can you post the link of where kylie bought that british flag sweater she wore in her picture on twitter? thanks xxx

    • Hey thanks doll! Kylie’s is by Wildfox Couture, but it’s older, I don’t think it’s available any more. Maybe try eBay!? Just search ‘Wildfox vogue’ :)

      I haven’t seen Kendall’s anywhere. I haven’t seen it on another Kendall style blog either…so I will keep an eye out!! xx

  40. Hi Jenna, for the past few months I have been looking for clothes to buy for summer because I live in Australia we are finishing winter and starting summer and I recently discovered WildFox mainly from all the posts of the celebs wearing WildFox (they have really nice stuff) and I just wanted to know if they ship to Australia? This is the website I use is there an alternative International website or something cause when I go to check out ans buy the clothes it only has the option of Canada or United States… Please help thank you
    P.S love your blog

  41. hey jenna, i just checked out the pocahontas crop top- as seen on kendall jenner, that you are selling on ebay is there any possible chance that you could ship to australia and if so would you happen to know how much the shipping would cost?
    thank you
    p.s. i absolutely love your blog, i check it every day, its part of my daily routine

  42. Hi Jenna, Kendall recently posted a picture on instagram of her, Kylie and friends at a Tyga concert and she is wearing a denim top/vest with a grey hoodie (it looks like the hoodie is attached or something like that) and I would just like to know where it is from Thanx…
    Love your blog

  43. Heey Jenna ! I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get Scott disicks gold iPhone case or faceplate ? It’s hard to explain and I couldn’t find a picture but on the kuwtk episodes there’s clips where he has it , thanks for your help!(:

    • I have honestly never seen it… maybe he has gold housing? Like how I have a pink iPhone, and kendall has a red one, and kylie’s is blue? I have friends who have just the back changed. So maybe Scott has just the front of his done?

      You take your phone to any repair shop that will fix a cracked screen (this process is not affiliated with apple), you ask for colored housing. They have mirrors, gold, bamboo, and all the colors. You pick a color and give them your phone, it takes a few hours, and voila! You have a sweet phone!

      Again, I have never seen his, so maybe it’s different housing, or maybe it’s a case. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!!

      • hi, just letting u know i am pretty sure that scott got his done at The Phone Spa in Calabasas, California because that is where Kendall and Kylie got theirs done, they sell many different colour including his. Many celebrities get their phones done there, check out the phone spa on instgram, Facebook and twitter. If u don’t live near the phone spa you could go on eBay and type in iPhone housing and choose a colour, you get the tools included but i would take it to a phone repair store because when you change the screen colour you have to pull apart the whole phone, better off taking it to a specialist.
        P.S i am pretty sure the official Apple repair stores will not change the colour.

  44. Hi, in kendall and Kylie jenner’s latest instagram post can you tell me what kind of dog that is ?! I just fell in love with it ! it’s so cute. <33 It's the one where they're taking pictures for a photoshoot or something like that.

    • I have no idea, but it is adorable! I’m sure someone commented what kind f dog it was, If you scrolled through all of the comments on the pics!

  45. Heey jenna ! Okay, so in summer I’m going away to London for a week could you give me a few ideas on what to wear during my stay? I wanna have ideas on what to buy so im not panicing a month beffore the trip. You have such great fashion sense so I just had to come and ask you for help ! Thank you sosoosososososososososo much have a great day (:

  46. hey Jenna i love you blog and I’m taking a trip to new york In November and I’m from the uk and I was just wondering if you could find me somethings to wear whilst im there I will be shopping and sight seeing:)

  47. Finally someone whos just like me a huge fan off the jenners!!!
    Love your blog. The girls hat a intervieuw in seventeen magazine which you probally knew but in holland you cant by it :( but i really one know what the girls sad in it. Can you maybe type over the intervieuw of post pictures off the intervieuw?! Thanks love you

    • Thanks so much! Unfortunately I stick to their fashion. If you want to know what they wore for their interview/in the pics in seventeen, I can do that for you!

      I am sure If you visit they will have the article up there! Or better yet, you can buy the magazine on eBay! (some are even signed!) xx

  48. Thanks ! (: and can you please post a link to that white and orange reddish sheer shirt your have on instagram? Its one of your latest pictures. Thanks again!

  49. Hi Jenna! So I have a party coming up, and I’m very interested in the Motel Rocks dress. I have a body similar to yours, although my waist might be a little smaller. Anyway, I was wondering what size you got in the dress and if you could please describe the material? Like, is it completely stretchy, or a bit stiff? I don’t want it to be baggy around my waist/be too tight around my thighs! Please let me know as soon as possible! Your blog is amazing. xoxo

    • The Goldie dress? Love it! I got a medium and it fits me like a glove. Only issue is that it’s longer than it looks, do I folded it and used double sided tape to keep it in place. Never had an issue :)
      It is 95% cotton and the rest is a stretchy material. So it’s mostly soft, not like a spandex dress! Just make sure you have one of those sticky bra cups bra… Because the back plunges, so a strap would show, and the lace on the sides would look silly with a bra showing haha!

      Let me know if you get it! And submit a photo, you could be featured on here :) xx

      • Okay! So is the material soft and stretchy enough that if I have a size small waist and bust according to the website, I could squeeze my size medium legs/butt into it? I like my dresses short and tight! Please let me know if the fabric would stretch or if it’s too tight. Thank you again for all of your help! xoxo

        • I think it will stretch. I have a small upper body, with wider hips, and the medium stretches on my hips without looking STRETCHED. It looks like it was tailored to me! I definitely think you will be able to fit your bottom into a small, it’ll probably make it shorter, too!

  50. Hi Jenna! Is it possible for me to request an outfit that Kylie posted on tumblr? I can’t get the link to the exact photo so I’m not sure what I should do. The picture is a girl walking across the street wearing a Hawaiian type shirt, white jeans, and metallic sperry type shoes. :)

  51. Hey, I must say, I love your blog! It’s amazing how you find the exact items!
    I have a question…
    Do you know where Alli Simpson got this hat she is wearing here?

    I know its not the best image, but she wore it in this youtube vid:
    also, if you could find the top she is wearing at 0:08 in the video, that would be amazing! I’ve been looking everywhere!
    Please & thank you

  52. Hi! I literally LOVE your blog! Your so gorgeous and you post the best stuff! I have a big birthday party for my best friend and I really need a dress! I like everything Kylie wears, so maybe if you could find out where she got that silver bandage dress she wore in vegas a while ago? If you can’t it’s okay. :) thanks!

    • Wow thanks so much!!! :) you’re seriously the nicest person! Can you link a pic of the dress you’re talking about? Hopefully I can find It for you :) xxxx

    • It could be a filter. I saw them on coolspotters months ago, before I started this blog. She could have multiple maddens! :) if you figure out I’m wrong, let me know the correct boot!! Xx

    • There really isn’t anything like it, that’s why I like Wildfox. I looked on ebay, and it wasnt on there :/
      Brandy Melville has a few sweaters that are the same color, and they have the Courtney sweater that has skulls on it, it is very inexpensive, but still isn’t like the Wildfox one. Sorry!!

  53. hey jenna! i hope you can help me! actually i’m not looking for shoes or shorts or something, i’m just asking, you know the brand ‘harrods’ i dont know exactly what it is, like is it like macy’s and there is like a lot of brand or its like just a brand like yves saint laurent or ralph laurent? thanks x

    • There is a UK luxury store named Harrods. Their site is – they have their own line, as well as designer brands like Chloe. I would say they’re comparable to a Neiman Marcus or a B.Goodmans! Hope I helped!

  54. Hi!!
    In KUWTK, season 7 where Kendall and Kylie wanted to be homeschooled, Kylie was lying in bed feeling ‘sick’ and didn’t want to go to school, You can see she is wearing a pink hooded nighty, do you know what shop/brand its from?
    I would be very grateful if you found it!
    Thanks :)

  55. hi hun i am from the uk,i need your help i want the fur throw that is on kris jenners bed or one like it be not at a big cost could you please help? x

    • I did a post on Kendall and Kylie’s bedrooms, there are links to similar fur throws that the Jenner’s all have. Just search for it! It’s there, i promise!

    • I’ve had a TON of requests for this dress…but so far no luck finding it! I’ll keep looking and do a post if/when I find it!

  56. Hi Jenna I’m going to New York next weekend and I know you did a post for what to wear in New York but I’m wondering if you could add what to wear to see a Broadway show. Thanks!

  57. Heeey Jenna ! okay so i need your help ! i have these jeans but i don’t know what top to wear! ah ! im flipping out because i need a shirt by Today because im going to the mall, im needing the shirt for a party im going to saturday, please, please help me ! options, colors , styles anything! Please help me ! Thankyou thankyou thankyou sososoosososos much! (:

    • Kylie’s dress is not available for sale online :( it is lovers and friends though. I haven’t been able to find Kendall’s! I’ll keep looking!

  58. when I saw kylie wearing that dress you just posted, I was kind of disappointed! I would have expected to see Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton wearing that dress- not a 15 year old girl!

    • It is a little mature for her, but I don’t think many of her outfits are age-appropriate for her! I just bought the dress! I’m 24, it’s fun, but the neckline and Sleeves make it classy!

  59. hi there!
    i was just wondering if you could find the pants that kendall jenner is wearing in one of her recent instagram uploads from last night i believe…the caption under the picture is “i could just diiiieeeee in your arms”. they are black pants with zippers around the pockets!
    please let me know if you can help!
    thanks so much, love your blog!

  60. Hi I was just wondering if you know what wall paper kendall jenner has on her bedroom wall? I’m dying to know. Thanks!

  61. Hii Jenna ! I was wondering if you could help me find out where to buy Kylie’s black iPhone 5 case she has ? Also some cute in season sandals to buy that could go with many things anything under $80 , thank youu sosososos much for the help!

        • Oh so soon! You probably can’t get stuff shipped by then. Tell me some basics you have, and I can help you out!

          I’m thinking black skinny jeans, with wedge top shoes (try bakers for a cheap alternative to the Isabel marant ones), and an oversized top!

          • Send in a pic when you get dressed for the concert, if you want!! :) also: jealous you’re going. My friends met him after the concert at the staples center!! Have a blast! X

  62. hi , LOOOOVVVEEEE your blog… :)
    i went on etsy to buy some of the knotted hair elastics (like Kendall Jenner wore) like u advised me before and some of the packs are called ’20 pack grab bag’ just wanted to know what grab bag meant.

    -thank you :)

  63. Hi Jenna!
    First I’d like to say that I love your blog soooo much. I live in europe and I’m going to London next week for 10 days. I don’t know which stores to go to and I need help. could you please make a list of the stores which I must shop? thanks :)

    • I’ve never been to London, so I’m not an expert… But definitely Zara and H&M! I’d google London shopping and see what comes up!! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!!

        • If you’re not looking for designer clothes visit H&M, Selfridges, Topshop, Zara, and Harrods (although it does have some designer clothes).
          You have to check out Harvey Nichols!!!! It’s like a British Neiman Marcus.. Lots of cute contemporary European clothing as well as high end designer pieces.

    • I have had a few other requests. So far all I have figured out is that Kendall is wearing dark wash j brand jeans. I’ll do a post once I find everything! x

    • No, I never found her mirror, but there is a link to her nightstand in one of the bedroom posts! Just search for “bedroom” in the search bar :)

  64. Hii Jenna ,I was wondering how much your yellow Chanel purse was? I want a Chanel purse sososoos bad for my sweet 15 but I wanted to know the price. Thank youuu(:

  65. i’m going to new york next weekend, and i wanted to know if you could make some polyvores on stuff i could wear! its gonna be sweater weather, so please pick out some cute ones! thanks so much bby love your blog!

    • This takes me to a page with Kylie modeling for Abby dawn. None of those clothes are out yet! xx and I’m sorry i didn’t have a lot of free time today. I’ll get some polyvores up for you this evening! :)

  66. Could you look for kendall’s beanie that she is wearing in her picture on instagram at the pumpkin patch! Thank you so much!!

  67. Hi Jenna!! I just was wondering if you could make a few polyvores for me. I recently got this adorable blue vintage havana sweater with rips, and I wanted to know if you could make an outfit for me to wear with it! Can you make a few polyvores with a few sweaters and the Steve Madden troopa boots? Thanks love your blog!

    • Thanks so much!! Your comment put a smile on my face :)
      I just did Kylie’s orange pants you linked and I’ll look for Kendall’s. I know the dress is keepsake, but I am not sure if it is available online yet! If I find it, I’ll do a post!! Xx

  68. hi jenna, i looked through your blog and couldn’t find a post on this, so I’m wondering if you can tell me where kylies dress is from,,20621124_21199521,00.html&docid=ecRe11CO9neA6M&imgurl=,r:6,s:0,i:87


  69. where did kylie jenner get her cross jean no sleeved jean jacket and her puffy shirt with the chanel top that she posted on instagram?

  70. hey Jenna!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve found the exact shoes kylie is wearing in this picture cause what I remember is that had a similiar one on this picture?

    these are the shoes by Jeffrey Campell;



  71. hey Jenna, can you please tell me where to find what Kendall is wearing in these links / photos of her in Australia. And the glasses she is wearing when she is with the koala are they the same as the ones that she wore when she landed in Australia (Ray Bans). Also if you dont know where the sweater is from, do u have any suggested ones that are similar.

    Thank you sooooo much :) xx

  72. Hi,
    I just thought I’d let you know that Kendall’s yellow bodycon dress that she’s been wearing is from Celeb boutique and it’s called the “Roisin” Lemon Cut out Bnadage Dress. It’s $173

    • Thanks!!
      I will see what I can find, I looked a little for the dress already with no luck, but i’ll try harder :) I’ll do a post when/if I find this outfit, so just check back often!! x

  73. when typing something, how do you get it so that you can list a website’s url, but you can just erase it and write “here” so that when you click it, it takes you to the previous url?

    • Well I tweeted your link and told everyone to check our your blog! You should make a twitter! It’s a great way to connect and share your blog and interact with readers!!

  74. heyy btw i LLLOOOVEEE your websitee!! uh just finding everything the jenners wear in a cheaper price is awsome! :)) I would like to ask you if you could find this shirt >> BDG Sleeveless Chambray Shirt – Rinsed Denim<><>><<&lt; thank you. <3 <3

  75. Hi I was wondering if you knew we’re Kendall got her army pants from and she was wearing them with her white converse. Se recently just posted on Instagram. Thank you

  76. Hi Jenna! I absolutely love your blog and lately I’ve been finding some outfits that Kendall and Kylie wear. I’ve shared them with you but I was just curious if you like when I do it. I’m not trying to take over your blog I’m just trying to help. But I would totally understand if you don’t want me to do it. It’s your blog I’m just helping but let me know if you would rather find everything by yourself! :)

    • I don’t think it’s annoying at all!! I try my best to find things, but I do get busy sometimes, so it helps when people send in tips!! So thank you!! :)

  77. Hi, I love your blog it’s amazing!! Its from a while ago but I was wondering if you could find the striped minidress Kendall Jenner wore to Scott’s ryu restaurant opening, here is the link:
    I’ve been looking for it everywhere and just can’t find it! Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work on this fantastic blog xxxxx

    • I loooove that dress. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but haven’t even come close to finding it. A reader told me she purchased it from a small boutique in NY, but she never responded what the label was. Sorry!! x

  78. Where did Kylie get the gold bracelet that is thin and has little circles carved into it? She’s wearing it next to the white spiked bracelet in the Instagram picture that you posted on June 24th this year. By the way you’re awesome!

    • It’s a Cartier love bracelet. It costs over $3,000. Anything cheaper is a replica! Visit and search for ” love bracelet” all the styles will come up! x

  79. OMG i loved your blog since the first time i found it on google, its so amazing, i mean , you put what we all want to know, thank you! I’m sorry, but i got curious, everything you buy is original?

    • I’ve been trying!! I know Victoria’s Secret had a very similar one (if not exact) but it was in a catalogue, and I had no luck looking online :( I will keep looking though! xx

    • I tried when I did the original post for her room. I’ve said it a million times, I’m good with clothes and horrible with furniture. I happened to stumble upon the stuff I did find, and if that happens again, i do a post… Sorry!!! You could take a picture to a designer and they could find you something similar! xx

  80. Hi Jenna ! Please find Kylie’s thanksgiving outfit this year please! It’s on her Instagram & I’m in love! Thank you so much. Oh and which brand makes cutter wallets Gucci or Louis Vuitton ? I think you should think of doing a gift guide or what to get this Christmas, that would help so many people & plus of the great style you have ! Thanks for everything

    • Hey! Her pants are by Parker. I did a post on them already, just search for Parker leather pants :) her top is dolce and gabbana, I haven’t searched for it yet, but it’s gonna be expensive, bc it looks like it’s silk!

      I haven’t heard of a cutter wallet, so probably Gucci. I don’t own any Gucci. I have a few Louis Vuitton zippy wallets, though! I love them!

      I can do a gift guide! That would be fun! Any certain ideas? Just like little things for friends?

  81. hey jenna im going to nyc soon and one direction is going to be there at the same time! what would be somthing cute for me to wear if i were to meet them?

  82. Hii Jenna ! Can you please tell me where you got your entire outfit from in that Instagram picture you posted recently ? It’s the one with the Pemplum top , thanks so much!

  83. Hii Jenna ! I loved your Christmas guide ! Thanks so much for doing it! Can you do a post on cute boots to get , which brand has the best combats boots, etc.. Thank you so much !

  84. Hi I’m looking for the same top I saw Kylie Jenner wear in the link I provided. Can you please help me out?