A Baby Shower Saturday

We have been busy the past few days grocery shopping and packing to leave for our up north trip, but not before throwing one of my best friends a baby shower to celebrate her baby girl!

The backyard is nearly complete, so it was the perfect timing to show off how nice the landscaping is looking! So many heart eye emoji for the waterfall!!!!

We were anticipating a VERY hot weekend, so I opted to throw a brunch-themed shower earlier in the day, to try to beat the heat. It didn’t work. It was 89 degrees by noon. But we still had a blast! I planned a craft station, where guests could design their own baby beanie, bib, onesie, or headband. The guest of honor is SUPER crafty, so I knew she would love it. I avoided games (because who really enjoys shower games? not me!), but we did have these adorable “lotto” tickets!! 11760076_10102728349442865_1368733409870945981_n 11234805_10102728349742265_220803539852934562_n 11707589_10102728349722305_2435904757621032847_n 11745567_10102728349842065_2902511812507490692_n 11693961_10102728349787175_5776514152627643897_n11745875_10102728351828085_2974941916001217641_n11047879_10102728352975785_1868355856379237032_n11755140_10102728353764205_8911557402951407672_n^we also had a crazy amount of preggos in attendance, so obviously a bump picture was necessary (in order of newly pregnant to ready to pop!) The burlap photo background was a brainchild of mine, and my friend who helped co-host was able to make it a reality!

The cake was a pipe dream. I have always wanted to try a naked cake, and the rustic/brunch theme seemed like the perfect time to attempt one! I used an 8×3 round pan to get fat layers. Once it was frosted and assembled, I cut roses about an inch after the bud and arranged them on the cake. Totally in love with how it turned out!


my dress | cake topper | oh baby banner | similar cake stand | moss table runner | berry dish

And now, to catch some z’s before our trip up north! (wish us luck on the car ride!!!)

Lo’s Helmet Journey: Cold Turkey

I’ll admit it. I was super anxious in the waiting room prior to London’s scan today. Like, bouncing knees, sweaty palms, clock-checking anxious. Today marks 13 weeks in the helmet; a few weeks longer than we had hoped for. I had my fingers crossed this scan would bear good news, but I didn’t want to get my hopes too high.

Our specialist wasted no time, as she could probably read the anxiety on my face, and got right to fitting Lo’s head with the little sock. Peyton was with me, and seeing her laugh at how silly London looked in her little head-sock broke my inner tension a bit, and I was able to relax.

That was short-lived, because the minute we laid London down on the scanner, she flipped out. Thankfully, this scan doesn’t need to be EXACT like the helmet-fitting scan, so we were able to get it in one shot.


Melissa, our specialist, sat at her computer typing, and Peyton immediately began playing 20 questions. “Was sister getting her helmet off for good?” We’ll see. “Did her head grow?” I hope so. “What’s going to happen to her helmet?” We will take it home. “Can I wear it?” No.

Melissa looked up and smiled. She answered Peyton’s first question, “Your sister doesn’t need her helmet anymore!” I was beyond excited. Melissa went to go give the helmet one last good cleaning, and I excitedly text Dave that Lo was helmet-less, while the girls sat and played.


When Melissa came back, it was my turn to play 20 questions. My biggest concern was her head re-flattening. I asked if Lo should wear the helmet for naps and nighttime. Melissa reassured me that the bones in her head were much stronger and harder than they were, and even if she laid only on that side of her head, it would stay round!

IMG_2944The red lines are London’s first scan when she was almost 6 months. The blue are from today. The arrows show where Melissa wanted to see growth, the circled areas are where she wanted no growth. London’s head did exactly what it needed to do in the helmet! She also scored a 7.4 in her initial scan. Melissa explained that a 6 and up means the baby needs a helmet, and 0 is a perfect head (which doesn’t really exist). Today London was a 2.3!!!! That’s perfect enough for me!!

IMG_2929The left is Lo’s head pre-helmet, and the right is her head today!

FullSizeRenderThis little lady has adjusted just fine to life without a helmet, and took a nice, long nap (her first without the helmet in 13 weeks!) We couldn’t be more convinced that helmet therapy was the right choice for London!

You can read about her journey into the helmet here.

Summer Sundays

We’ve started this accidental tradition of heading to our friends’ house on Sundays. They live on the river, and love to entertain! They also have a son who is a month younger than London. We have been getting our fair share of sun, sandy toes, and boating.

We got there Sunday, and Peyton made a bee-line to the beach. Soon, more friends arrived with their kids, and then a boat load of people showed up. Soon, there were a dozen girls aged 2-7 playing in the sand. Peyton was in heaven.

P got brave and sat on the rope swing, which swings over the river! It’s so fun to see her trying new things this year; things that scared the living shit out of her last year! She’s growing up right before our eyes, and it is SO cool to watch. London had a blast, she powered through the day with no naps, and ate her first whole strawberry (I think she ended up wearing more of it than she got in her mouth, but it was fun to watch).

We ordered pizza, and sat by the river and ate. It was the perfect end to a perfect day with friends!

11745466_10102718597061715_3211778187931466975_n 11264858_10102718599287255_9001483786657742395_n 11059946_10102718600429965_2700535878684440447_n 11705222_10102718599626575_4463046879306546389_n 11700879_10102718600095635_3010263592201439100_n

my dress | peyton’s swimsuit | london’s romper (sold out, similar here)

This week is going to be crazy hectic, and you’ll have to forgive me next week for a lack of posts. We will be up at our family cottage, and wifi is pretty spotty. I’ll be preparing for a baby shower Saturday, and packing because we head up north Sunday! Not looking forward to a four and a half hour car ride with London. I’m sure we will end up playing our favorite game of “who can scream the loudest/longest” (hint: Lo always wins!)

We also have a cranial scan scheduled Thursday morning to see if we get to take London’s helmet off for good! Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us, please! We’ve grown a little fond of our helmet time, but are anxious to get it off. I want to kiss that little forehead whenever I want!!

An Announcement

If you follow me on instagram (@heyitsjenna) then you might have already seen this, but I am so excited to finally announce we are expecting baby #3! It happened a wee bit sooner than I thought, and I am not entirely sure how we are going to survive life with three kids (especially since Lo will be 17 months old), but it’s the kind of crazy that we love, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to become a party of five!

IMG_2751 FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRenderIMG_2772When we told Peyton, she was SO excited to have a baby in her belly. I had to re-explain that the baby was actually in MY belly, to which she got very upset and sulked in the corner – kids. She came around, and is now telling everyone that she has “a very special surprise” to tell them. Which couldn’t be cuter!

Stay tuned for more baby updates, madness, and fun! 😉

Playtime Picks


Keeping London occupied could qualify as an Olympic sport. Homegirl has a serious case of baby ADD, which gives Peyton’s OCD a run for its money. I’ve broken my cardinal rule, and lifted our ban on “toys that make noise” – I usually save those for Christmas presents for other people’s kids. But desperate times call for desperate measures noisy toys. I’ve wrangled up some of our [read: London’s] favorites (and Peyton loves them, too):

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.30.54 PM

music cube | hedgehog | play house | art cards | foam blocks | music table

It seems like most toys need to make an obnoxious amount of animal noises and trumpets, or have catchy songs that get stuck in my head FOR DAYS. The art cards are perfect for when we have London in the stroller or car for a long period of time. And of course, what kid doesn’t love blocks?? Peyton builds towers, and London demolishes them. Which occupies both of them for at least 10 minutes. In the photo above, they’re both playing with the music table (with the legs removed, so Lo can reach it better). That fun lasts until both girls want to play with the same section (because, of course), which usually ends in London sitting on Peyton and tears all around.

If you have any other toy suggestions that are perfect for an almost 10 month old and her big sis, please leave me a comment! We are always looking for more help toys!

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a crazy one. Between chasing London all over the house all day, and golf parties each night, I was ready for a lazy Sunday. Our friends ended up inviting us over for a Sunday Funday of boating, hover boarding, and river chilling. Lo absolutely loves being on/by the water, so she powered through a day with no naps – and still managed to not sleep through the night.

Here’s the weekend in photos:

11143220_10102700662607505_1809174340503116259_n 11141257_10102700731339765_1945718435351230013_nthe first night of golf events was the horse race. I wore this BCBG dress (stolen from my friend), and some Gorjana jewelry from my Rocksbox (use code HEYITSJENNAXOXO to get a month free!!). 11665591_10102702312311485_2081114609930250026_nSecond golf event night. I wore a Cynthia Vincent lace top and maxi skirt, both are last season and unavailable online, but here is a similar top, and here is a similar skirt!11700904_10102703892419935_330744839711216884_nFor the last night of the tournament, the club hosts a big dinner. Meaning, I got to break out one of my fancier dresses! I am obsessed with my Herve Leger dress, and was thrilled for a chance to wear it!! (similar here)11737987_10102703356638645_861645657944288019_nPeyton also won the “can I have purple hair” discussion. Don’t worry – it washed out with shampoo, but I have seriously never seen her happier! It was adorable. I used this dye. Super easy to apply, and even easier to get out!!10982853_10102705504145025_5306571912514550822_n 11701161_10102705507428445_3738494885205610728_n 11168879_10102705506904495_6312272643541645285_n 11698505_10102705506525255_2649496177476090628_nLondon had the best time ever, as you can tell in that last photo!

And with that, we are back into our weekday grind. Hope you’re all having a great week so far!