Five Months & Some Favorites

Holy cow, London is 5 months old. Well, technically 5 months and 1 day, but the 29th of February didn’t exist, so we are making it work. Leap Day babies, I feel you. People always say how the first year flies, but I think the holidays have helped these 5 months ZIP past us at warp speed. Lo is bright-eyed and always curious. She’s rolling extremely well from back to front, and as of about a week and a half ago, is sitting (omg. sitting). FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRenderOnesie | Month Stickers

With Spring and Easter creeping up on us, I am starting to hoard warm clothes for the girls, and plan Easter outfits. Here are a few of my latests obsessions:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.50.27 AM

Sleeper | Onesie | Bunny Toy | Toddler Dress | Bunny Hat | Bunny Hair Clip | Mocs | Baby Dress

I love coordinating the girls; albeit, they do go full-on matchy matchy on occasion. For Easter morning church, I am loving these two Zara dresses, I love the perforation on the baby dress, and how it subtly matches the toddler dress. Obsessed. The pink bunny hair clip is too cute. P will rock that all Easter week, I’m sure!

As I am typing, we are getting even more snow. Is that even possible?! Keep thinking warm thoughts!!

For the Easter Basket

I love Easter, and have been hoarding decor and paper straws for over a month now, so expect to see some Easter decor sneaking into backgrounds of photos on Instagram soon! Here are a few ideas I am thinking of for the girls’ Easter baskets!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.34.19 AMStickers | Headband Set | Mocs | Bowl Set | Wolfie the Bunny (I am seeing this everywhere now, and it looks adorable!) | natural teething toy | sidewalk chalk

The Crayola Sidewalk Chalk is my favorite. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Peyton loves it. But so do I. It doesn’t get all over our fingers as much as other chalk, and each piece is pointed like a crayon. Not just a cylinder shape, which makes it MUCH easier to write/draw with!

I hit up Pier 1 a few weeks back, and died when I saw these little chicks. We are hosting Easter for my brother and parents, so I am meal planning and grabbing some fun table decor. Target has adorable egg trees in their Dollar Spot, as well as bunnies made of green moss. The moss sheds and is a total pain, but for $3, what do you expect? I also grabbed these adorable egg napkins, and am eying these chalkboard eggs. Dave seems to think we have enough chalkboards, though. He might win this one! I am also counting down the days until it’s seasonally appropriate to hang this Easter garland on our fireplace wall. And by that, I mean ask Dave nicely to scale the wall and hang it. 

I keep thinking that if I keep thinking Easter thoughts, I can will Spring to happen. March 20 isn’t too far away!!

It’s Raining Babies!

Sorry for being MIA! We have been keeping busy over here! One of my bet friends FINALLY made the public announcement that she is expecting. Secrets like that are SO hard to keep! So happy for them, and seriously already planning her shower (even though she isn’t due until September!)

Speaking of baby showers…my cousin’s baby shower was over the weekend, and of course being Captain Party Pants, I volunteered to help my other cousin host it. It’s the first little boy on that side of the family to carry on the name. Everyone else keeps having girls or marrying off and changing their names. Peyton absolutely loves to go to “girl parties” which are baby and wedding showers. Here are some shots from the party: FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_111006472_10102417835006285_194896072095789491_n B97rusaCMAAq_lI


My dress, my boots, Peyton’s dress, Peyton’s tights, Peyton’s shoes, tie treat bags, chalkboard easel via Target Dollar Spot, gift bags (different color here), cake stand, umbrella (also seen at a wedding shower here)

In other news, London is sitting. I mean, I have to set her up, but once she is up, she holds herself up for about 30 seconds. Counting it. 10991261_10102433870151725_348903374994330620_n

She is wearing one of our favorite Hudson and Ruthie onesies! We are also obsessed with this peacock toy! Happy Hump Day, everyone…and stay warm!!

Valentine’s Weekend

Valentine’s Day was on Friday. We are lucky enough to have a sitter for most Friday nights, so we get a date night. So David and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday, then spent Saturday with the girls at home.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3my boots are from Aldo, and my dress from Nasty Gal, because tall boots count as pants in the cold, right?

It was also the most bitterly cold weekend of the year. Seriously, it got to -21 degrees with the windchill. So, we hibernated. Which means I made soup in the Crock Pot! IMG_5368Everyone’s litte Valentine’s Day haul. Peyton and London’s felt envelopes are from the dollar section at Target. (Not pictured are the gorgeous red and yellow roses Dave had delivered to me Friday!) Peyton got a number puzzle (to help her with counting), a new Anna dress, and some “lipstick” from a company called Just Like Mommy cosmetics, and it might be the solution to her eating my chapstick. Lo got Plant a Kiss, a new Baby Lit book (the fashion one, are you even surprised?), and a fun teether toy (which Peyton is obsessed with). The fur children got some gourmet dog bones, which were inhaled in about 30 seconds. Naturally, when it came to Dave, who is the dictionary definition of “impossible to buy for” I had to get crafty. I made my own version of this Pin (which is also available for sale on Etsy here), and he loved it!

IMG_5386 FullSizeRender IMG_5389 IMG_5390The recipe for the soup can be found here, and it was a big hit! It made enough for leftovers, which is my favorite thing mid-week! During dinner, we discovered that Peyton likes capers plain. Homegirl ate about two dozen and I had to cut her off. She also refused to take off her new Anna dress all day, insisted I give her Anna braids (after she finally accepted the fact that I couldn’t do the actual Coronation Day hair for her), and sang “I don’t know if i’m inflated or gassy” all day. For a special treat for Peyton, I mixed almond milk and red food coloring and put it in a heart ice cube tray overnight, and filled up her little milk bottle with milk, and added the milk cube! As is melted, it made pink swirls, and eventually turned her milk pink. She was “inflated” ;)

Separate note: Her plates are made of recycled milk jugs and are amazing. I love the 3 sections, and they come in SO many colors. Check them out here. Her placemat is actually a chalkboard, and can be purchased here.

I hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!!!

Our Weekend

We had a pretty chill weekend, and that’s alright with me. I jokingly told Dave last night that I need a day between Saturday and Sunday. It always happens. Sunday night, P goes to bed, Lo is drifting off…and I sit down (without a tiny human on me) for the first time all day, when I realize I need to make Peyton’s lunch because tomorrow is MONDAY. Ugh.

It’s actually hard to have a relaxing weekend with an infant and a 3 year old. Occasionally, they’ll nap at the same time, and the angels descend from the heavens and I sit on a cloud. Or I do laundry. This weekend was not one of those stars-aligned-with-coinciding-nap-times, so while Lo is napping, I need to keep P entertained [read: quiet], my solution? Arts and crafts. We did a bunch of fun Valentine’s Day crafts, and made some fun decorations for the new side table.10932549_878716565484990_1567933325_nB9RaeOQIIAAFdXKThe pink mason jar was found in the Target Dollar spot, and P and I found some sticks. I cut out some hearts, and we hot glued them to the sticks. Simple, but it kept her occupied for about 30 minutes, and I love how it looks! Then we took some extra matting paper (used to hold one of our engagement pictures – don’t tell Dave!) and we slathered on ALL of my brightest lip sticks, and kissed and kissed and kissed. I think these decorations took about 40 minutes combined and under $5. What could be better than that?!

A few posts back, I linked to this recipe saying I was going to attempt it. I didn’t have high hopes, and actually expected to end up on Pinterest FailsB9R7cjmCUAE696rTo my complete and utter shock, it turned out. You can click this link for the original recipe,  but basically, I made pound cake according to the box, and added pink food coloring. I baked it at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, let it cool, wrapped it in Cling Wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour. After the hour had passed, I mixed up another box of pound cake, and set it aside. I sliced the pound cake, and used a heart cookie cutter on every slice. I poured a little of the new batter into my pan, then inserted the pink hearts, I stuffed them in there from end to end, then poured the rest of the batter on top of he hearts. Baked it according to the box, let it cool, then I cut it before frosting it, because I was anxious to see  how it tired out! I was actually impressed with how fun and easy this recipe was!

And now, some cute and festive photos of London: FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1Can you believe how big Charlie is already?? Wearing a Hen&Co onesie and Maddyandi headband

Happy Monday!!

Valentine’s Festiveness: The Popcorn Edition


There is nothing cuter than festive popcorn! I saw these heart sprinkles at Target and was instantly inspired to make this (I make it for almost every holiday, see the Halloween version and my 4th of July “firecracker” version here).

The recipe couldn’t be easier (it doesn’t involve ANY measuring and you probably have the ingredients in your pantry!). Here’s what you need:

1 bag of Angie’s Pop Corn (or any popcorn, but Angie’s is my favorite)

1 Lb of white baking chocolate

Festive sprinkles

Melt the white chocolate according to bag instructions. Pour the popcorn into a large mixing bowl. Slowly pour the melted chocolate into the bowl, and mix or toss, until all the popcorn looks good and chocolatey. Pour onto a baking sheet, and separate as best you can (you don’t want giant balls of goopy popcorn!) Generously coat it with sprinkles and let it dry!

FullSizeRenderI’ve also been known to throw in pretzel sticks, chex cereal, rice crispy cereal, really anything! Expect more pink, white, and festive goodies on the blog soon!