Months 10 & 11

Life got hectic, and I totally forgot to share our 10 month favorites. So I’m combining them with our 11 month picks. London is more and more fun each and every day. She’s such an active little girl, and her personality is soooooo much fun. She and Peyton enjoy play-wrestling, and Peyton likes to drag London by her feet when Lo tries to get away (it’s a lot more gentle than it sounds, I promise). London is absolutely obsessed with Peyton.

In the last few weeks, London has gone cold turkey from baby food (except for yogurt). If I am coming at her with a spoon, she is lock-jawed. Some of her favorite things to eat are blueberries and raspberries, slices of American cheese, mac n cheese, any kind of noodle, rice, and bread. Homegirl is on an all-carb diet.

11251844_10102735303402075_6692298778164864307_n 11954742_10102798174443005_4043995360299454590_n

She has almost completely lost that “baby look” and it kills me that she’s looking more like a toddler every day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.55.12 AM

headbands | teethers | bath toys | straw cup | sorting toy | sleeper 

London is itty bitty, and still fits into these Old Navy sleepers. They’re amazing, so if toy have a younger baby or are expecting – stock up!! The Tomy Egg Sorting toy is a gift from above. It entertains both girls long enough for me to fold a load of laundry. Peyton insists they’re “chocolate pudding” and Lo just likes to squeak them over and over again.

And in other news, today was Peyton’s first day at pre-k! She was very excited in the car, but put on her shy act when we walked in and met her teacher. Luckily, she has some friends in the class! I can’t wait to hear all about her day when I pick her up this afternoon. But for now. I am enjoying London’s nap time. It’s almost like I’m playing housewife and not stay-at-home-mom today! (well, at least until nap time is done!!)


skirtmocs | backpack | necklace

Farewell to Summer

It has become a family tradition to celebrate the unofficial end of summer with friends the weekend before school starts. (You can see last summer’s celebration here) So, I packed my Costco cart full of cook-out necessities (burgers, dogs, buns, beer, and fruit), and we invited a ton of friends. Most are families who go to Peyton’s school (and went to high school with David, small world). I think the ratio ended up being one kid to ever adult. We might have even been outnumbered at one point. But that’s the way we like it.

11951962_10107205466703784_7694581382043973760_n 11960151_10102802042276835_6411765171896330308_n11951190_10107205465915364_1927954467990972846_n11952035_10107205465825544_4230813113216992164_n

Today, the play kitchen looks like it survived the purge (and I mean barely survived), and I keep finding beads and other art table paraphernalia throughout the downstairs area, but I consider those signs that the kids had a blast!

similar play mat | london’s headband | similar romper | stacking toys | my dress | peyton’s shirt (diff color)

School starts tomorrow for Miss Peyton! She couldn’t be more excited!! Happy Monday!

Fall Maternity Fashion

Call me a common white girl, but I LOVE fall. Something about the crisp air, the leaves, the pumpkin-scented/flavored everything, and the fashion just clicks with me. Especially being pregnant this time of year, I am pretty much over summer. Bring on cardigans and [maternity] jeans!

I’ve put together some of my closet-staples for fall:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.43.38 PM1. A floppy hat. This is a no-brainer for the fall. It’s practical because it keeps your hair out of your face when you get caught in a fall breeze, and to top it off, it adds an effortless level of chic-ness to an otherwise boring look. (I am also loving this one and this one for a pop of color!)

2. A chambray top. This one isn’t maternity. I actually haven’t found a maternity chambray that doesn’t have a weird belly tie, or weird ruffles. I just size up from my pre-maternity size, and rock that!

3. Black skinny jeans. Another no-brainer. They’re SO chic. And I love the way chambray pairs with black denim, just add a brown boot and voila! (cute non-maturity style here!)

4. Denim jacket. Again, this isn’t maternity, but who buttons jackets anyway? I just rock my pre-maternity size, and let the bump out! A denim jacket is a great way to top off a look, or to break up a dress (see next!)

5. Black bodycon. Nothing is more chic than a little black dress. This tee-style dress is super versatile. If you want a casual look, it can be worn with a denim jacket and ankle boots. For a more stylish look, add some heels and boom! You’re ready! (cute non-maternity style here)

6. A layered gold necklace. I am a HUUUGE fan of delicate jewelry. I love having a simple gold necklace pop out from under an unbuttoned chambray. It has a playful look, but is still kid-friendly (read: no little hands can get them). That’s why I love my Rocksbox subscription. You can read more about it here, and use my code HEYITSJENNAXOXO to get a month free. Basically, it’s three pieces of jewelry delivered to your door for you to wear on loan – so much fun!

7. Ankle boots. These look good with everything, in my opinion. Pair them with a dress for a chic day look, or with skinny jeans to edge up your silhouette!

Bring on the fall!!

Birthday Inspo

Wasn’t London just born??? I swear if I had a penny for every time someone said to me, “Cherish this first year, it goes by so fast,” I could pay for her college tuition. As annoying as that phrase can get, it hasn’t been more true than in the past 11 months. Maybe it’s the whole “getting pregnant again before your baby turns 1” thing, but the past 11 months have been a blur.

11880681_10102783068400635_4668005855166671763_nSeriously. Where did my baby go?? London hasn’t taken any real steps solo yet, but she does a great job when holding on to something or someone. She’s mastered stairs (ugh), and the 15 second stand-then-plop. She turns 11 months old this weekend, which means I am busy getting her birthday party plans together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.36.40 AM

balloon wand | tassel garland | napkins | plates | cake topper

I don’t have an official theme, but the soft colors were inspired by London’s girlie side. She is 100% girl. She very delicately picks things up, when the dogs track a leaf into the house, she hands it to me or David (so cute), and she has the softest little voice (unless she’s screaming at 3am). I am planning on making her a fun smash cake to match these pretty pastels, and cupcakes for the rest of us. Unlike Peyton’s first birthday, we are keeping the guest list small. Just immediate family and close friends with babies.

I’ve also been working with the sweet Hana from Little Dovie to make the most perfect banner for London’s party. Think blooms, tassels, and glitter. (Hana is seriously amazing to work with, and she goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you want. You can see how I styled her banners here and here, too!)

As for gift ideas, I am planning on completing her BabyLit collection. If you haven’t seen these board books, you’re missing out. The illustrations are amazing, and it’s a great way to introduce your little one to some of the classics! (our favorites are Romeo and Juliette and the Secret Garden). I have also been eying a mini piano for her, and another set of Tegu blocks, because the girls can never have enough (sharing is hard, sometimes).

What are some of your go-to gift ideas for first birthdays?? Thanks for reading!

Potter Park Zoo

I feel like this has been zoo month for our family! We’ve been traveling the state, hitting up as many zoos as we can before school starts back up. This morning’s zoo was Potter Park Zoo, a small(ish) zoo nestled in Lansing.

We arrived about 10 minutes before my parents did, so we killed some time by watching peacocks. And by that, I mean we watched Peyton chased them around. This zoo is fun because they have peacocks roaming around (mostly by the food spots). I think this was the highlight of the day for P, a close second being the pony ride. Shoutout to Ebony the pony who took P on a short ride ($3) while P pouted and clutched the pony for dear life. However, on the ride home, it was “the most fun she’s ever had!” Kids. Go figure. 

We were prepared to dodge rain drops, but the weather was perfect, and many animals were out for us to see. The tiger, otters, red pandas, and farm animals were all very active. We went late in the seasons, so a lot of the birds were losing their feathers. This meant the peacocks looked like they had seen better days (not that Peyton cared), and the penguins looked a little worse for wear, and were also not swimming. Fun fact: when penguins are moulting, they don’t swim, and in fact, zoos don’t even fill up the water in their habitats.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. We spent about 2 hours here, mostly because my mom insists on reading EVERY sign posted (reasons why I know about penguin moulting). 2 hours was more than enough time to see the zoo and then some, as it is basically one loop.

11889512_10102778369751765_7288700613322831668_n11222688_10102778367955365_7963425085237705357_n 11891253_10102778368130015_7423468015065717107_n11892021_10102778369192885_7414056859024998025_n 11866390_10102778369532205_9104620503949939412_n 11145183_10102778368125025_7268388877271847174_n 11863437_10102778368988295_3265512187084949965_nsources:

peyton’s shorts | shoes | tank top | stroller and sun canopy | maternity jean shorts (similar non-maternity pair here) | my top | sandals are last season (similar pair ON SALE here) | purse

And now, I am off to plan dinner while the girls tandem nap (mom win!)

A Busy Weekend

Whew! Monday feels relaxing compared to the weekend we just had! We had friends over Friday night for a cookout/baby date, spent Saturday by the river with friends, and Sunday was a pool party, followed by another cookout. Oh! And London walked across the room with her little grocery cart!! Very exciting!! The weekend might have been a bit too much for P. She’s currently (hopefully) sleeping off a 102 degree fever. Poor girl. Here are a few snaps from our very busy weekend:


london’s pjs | white eyelet romper (old from baby gap) | knot bow headband | baby hat | peyton’s grey dress  | my blue dress

And my relaxing day will be cut short today, as my brother and parents head over to celebrate my brother’s 23rd birthday! So excited he moved near us, so we can see him more! Should be a fun day, Dave is certainly excited to break in his new bags game.