Fall Festivities

We’ve been finding time to enjoy fall between rainstorms this week. The weather has been surprisingly warm, making it feel a little like the end of summer. I’m hoping the warm temps last for trick-or-treating. Nothing ruins a costume faster than adding a North Face jacket and hat!


Vest, Dress, Mocs, Headband, Stroller

Peyton’s new favorite phrase is “I can do it, I am a big sister now!” This applies to EVERYTHING. Making food. Getting in and out of the car. Attempting to change a wiggly London’s diaper (does not end well). And, pushing her sister in her stroller. She made up an ADORABLE song, and was signing it as I was snapping this picture. It went something like this: I’m pushing baby London in her stroller, it’s a black stroller, I’m her big sister, she is in her stroller, there is a cup holder.

Total mom-moment, but I seriously can’t help myself with the matching Halloween outfits from Carter’s:


I entertained Peyton during a very rainy afternoon by making “ghosts”, she was SO proud of herself, and insisted I take a photo of her with the finished product:

1609933_10102163839704905_6321100999726966144_nAnd yesterday, London and I dodged raindrops as I helped a friend pick out the perfect crafting pumpkins. I secretly love any excuse to bust out my Solly Wrap!


Buh-bye, Bump!

It dawned on me while feeding Lo in the middle of the night that I never shared my last two chalkboards!! She’s two weeks old officially, so these are super late, oops!

39 weeks came  and went with no signs of labor, and no signs of sleep, either.10408782_10102108165915625_4847135505623873546_n

I made my 40 week chalkboard a day early to try to jinx myself into labor – no dice. So, on Sunday (chalkboard day), I took my 40 week photo:

10413313_10102121934448375_7419357178982344161_nThat evening, I started having contractions which lasted until very early Monday morning, and boom – London was born!

So, goodbye, Bump! I’ll miss you, but I missed my skinny jeans more! ;)

Halloween Vibes

Halloween officially starts in our household on October 1. That means: trips to the pumpkin patch, hayride, pumpkin spice waffles, matching halloween PJs, carving pumpkins, and lots of costume-making!

Last Tuesday, I braved a trip to the pumpkin patch with both girls. Of course, the sky opened suddenly, and I was loading a soaking wet toddler and pumpkins into my car while trying to keep London covered in her Solly Wrap. I’m sure we were quite a sight in the parking lot.

10480224_10102146446655715_3081535016393642475_nThis is us, about 4 minutes before the rain started. Peyton’s top is from Hello Apparel, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get us ALL matching ones (stay tuned for that photo!). Solly Wrap here.

Once we got home and dry, it was time to start decorating!

1902713_10102153513773155_339266380207044123_nTrick or Treat Banner, Pom Pom Garland

10734092_10102158779385825_7729204535466776265_nWhat says fall in Michigan more than fresh maple syrup from the local farmer’s market? Obsessed. I jazzed up our waffles this morning with some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. Wash it down with an iced chai latte and you have a perfect breakfast!

If you follow me on instagram (@peytons_closet) then you already saw this photo, but I had to share it again. I just love how Peyton is looking at London :)


Skeleton coverall, skeleton PJs, blanket

Today is Sunday, which means football all day — a MUCH NEEDED relaxing day after a hectic week!

Sweet Baby Lo

z9Hard to believe a week has flown by – I guess it’s easy when your heart is so full of love! I honestly forgot how tiny babies are, and had to re-train myself to hold a newborn (but for real. I haven’t held a baby this small since Peyton!) [headband from A Tiny Arrow]

Speaking of Peyton, she couldn’t be a better big sister! She races to get me a new diaper, and is first on the scene when Lo is crying. Last night, I was brushing my teeth, and I heard Lo coughing. Peyton was on the bed, and looks at me and says, “Sissy spit out some of her milk from her mouth, but I wiped it off!” and proudly held up a spit-up covered burp-cloth. Gross, but heart-warming.10653727_10102149264453825_7108160079959974565_nHeart PJs, Best sister onesie (similar here) , knot headband

Baby Time!

Welcome to the world, London Rose! She arrived promptly on her due date, 9/29 at 6:28AM. She was 19″ long and weighed 6lbs and 8oz. I am writing this post (finally) from home! We were discharged this morning, and Lo is sleeping soundly on my arm – yay for one-handed blogging! Here are a few snaps of our last few days:

10574536_10102126926159945_4819740503541583893_nour first family photo as a party of four! Freshly Picked mocs here.1173152_1595350714025741_1382656247_nI’ve been waiting and waiting for a chance to wear my Solly Wrap! I am obsessed.

10691921_272997926232981_1912464589_nI’ve rekindled my obsession with baby legs. Seriously. Pants here and booties here.

x10683835_703313109753052_1151385013_n.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CFjpbJ490CSome serious sisterly-love. “sissy is talking to me!” “sissy is touching me!” “sissy, it’s ok, big sister Peyton is here!” I can even handle how cute they are together! Peyton’s shirt is available here.

I am so excited and overwhelmed with love!! We have the best neighbors, too. They’re bringing us enchiladas and brownies – what post-baby diet? Wish us luck on our first night home!!

Pumpkin Spice No Bake Cookies

It’s football Sunday, and we have my sister-in-law and her husband in town for the weekend! Meaning, Peyton is entertained. Meaning, time to experiment in the kitchen.

In lieu of the cold, rainy weather today, I decided to attempt pumpkin spice no bake cookies. Pumpkin spice anything is just amazing, isn’t it? Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.32.04 PMIngredients:

1.5 Cups White Sugar

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

3/4 stick of butter

2/3 cup of milk (I used vanilla almond milk)

1 box of vanilla instant pudding mix (the 3.4 oz size)

1 TBSP Pumpkin Spice Seasoning

3.5 Cups of Quick Oats

1 TSP Pumpkin Spice Seasoning

1 TSP vanilla extract

What you do:

Mix the sugars, milk, and butter in a saucepan. Bring to boil. Boil hard for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

Mix the TBSP of pumpkin spice seasoning and vanilla pudding mix together, and add to saucepan. Stir well until mixed completely.

Add additional pumpkin spice seasoning, vanilla extract, and oats and stir well, until all the oats are coated. It helps to add the oats little by little (this is way easier on your arms!)

Spoon the mix onto wax paper or parchment paper, and let them harden. Then, enjoy!

I made these bad boys an hour ago, and they’re more than half gone already – this will be a repeat treat this fall! Tell me, what’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored dessert??