Weekly Roundup

This week was a whirlwind, as I had my top wisdom teeth out, and then slept for about 24 hours straight – total MOMcation. I’m sore, but not swollen or bruised (yet! I’ve heard the bruises can sneak up on you as many as 4 days after the procedure – eek!). This week has been pretty chill, as I haven’t wanted to go out and about with my soreness. Here’s a few snaps of our week:

10407758_10102380596048455_6784311584771722012_nPeyton has been letting me experiment with her hair, which is super fun! We did an upside down french fishtail braid/sock bun combo earlier this week. To make this happen, poor Peyton planked on our ottoman with her head hanging off the side, so I could get all her superfine toddler hair into the braid! What a trooper. She asked for “gobble pins” and “spray spray” (read: bobby pins and hair spray).

10513286_10102382413112045_1204255249439527448_nMy mom came out to help with the girls the day of my wisdom teeth surgery. The girls loved having her here; and I didn’t have to feel guilty about wanting to sleep for the rest of the day – solid win. Lo’s overall is from Baby Gap, and I die over it. 10891529_10102387457033985_7550390505891338831_nThis morning, I woke up and was actually able to open my mouth. Yay! Time for solid food. Fun tidbit: Peyton will NOT eat pancakes. She does, however, LOVE what she calls “cookie pancakes”. So. Whenever you see me on instagram with reindeer or easter bunny pancakes, I’m not overachieving. It’s just the only way this picky girl will eat pancakes!

We are getting ready to host a Super Bowl party tomorrow, so that’s going to keep me busy today! I’m going to leave you with this HILARIOUS video, enjoy!

Our Weekend

Oh, Monday, we meet again. Is it just me, or are weekends never long enough? My brother is moving out this weekend, so Sunday, Peyton and I went with him to Target and HomeGoods to find some furnishings. Lots of fun. I go nuts decorating houses and am obsessed with interior design, but I know he is a 22 year old boy, who just got his first big boy job and could care less about having a decorative vase on every shelf. I had to restrain myself from taking over; however, I think I managed.

We got hit with freezing temperatures this weekend, so we mostly hibernated. Fortunately, I had Sons of Liberty to look forward to all weekend – seriously, did you watch? Episode two is tonight! (If you don’t care about the American Revolution, watch solely based on how cute the actor who plays Sam Adams is!)

London tried her first ever “food”; the Gerber banana puree (does that even count as food?) We learned two things: she has a sour face that rivals Peyton’s lemon face, and she is OBSESSED with her high chair. We might need to move it into the living room for her to sit in all the time!


We put her in it, and instantly she had and ear-to-ear smile! Adorable. Her onesie is by Hudson and Ruthie, and really, can you beat a peter pan collar on a onesie? Her high chair is the Boon Flair, and we love how it looks. One negative: it doesn’t fold up for easy storage, but at least it won’t be an eye sore in our dining room!

10947235_10102374358004545_402800057091077054_nAnother adorable Hudson and Ruthie onesie (which is on sale), and yes, I might be obsessed! We also have this pink ruffle onesie, which will be sooooo perfect for Valentine’s Day festivities!

10923491_10102373955885395_1090396510348264351_nAnd I got our first batch of white tulips for the season! I looove white tulips something fierce, and plan to fill our house with them this spring!10353128_10102375852609345_6634111536853787933_nI actually went a little bridezilla, and demanded white tulips in my wedding bouquets. We got married in November… not the easiest task. But our florist pulled it off!166184_849057075875_3921285_nIf I go MIA this week, it’s because I am getting my remaining to wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. Cue anxiety. Wish me luck!!

Have a good week :)

Valentine’s Day Decor

Time to get festive! I had originally promised David I wouldn’t go overboard with the Valentine’s Day decorations, since it’s just one day, not a whole season, blah blah blah.

But holidays are for celebrating! Especially when you have kids!! So here is a look into how we get ready to get our Valentine on: 10537845_10102360583369025_5692612201058912368_nA new holiday means a new chalkboard! Heart garland found at the Target dollar spot.

FullSizeRenderThe bar cart is looking festive. Napkin and paper straws are found in the Target Dollar Spot. Peyton and I made the garland with some twine and washi tape!


Felt envelope and craft supplies from Target. Heart leggings by Elle Taylor Baby (and currently on sale!)

And what would a holiday in the McFarland household be without some festive cupcakes? (The first batch of many, I’m sure) I absolutely love having Peyton in the kitchen with me. She has so much fun helping measure and mix. I let her fly solo, and frost some  cupcakes all on her own! She couldn’t have been more excited. Just look at the level of concentration:


FullSizeRender_3Cupcake tins by Meri Meri

 Next week, we are going to make our own Valentines. I have been stocking up on red and pink craft supplies. Should be a sticky, glittery mess! Cannot wait. I am also going to tackle this pound cake at some point.

Wear Your Heart :: Valentine Style

Let the countdown begin: less one month until Valentine’s Day! After the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve blur, January is such a slow month. At least we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to! What’s more fun than making homemade valentines and pink cupcakes?!

It’s also a great time to bust out all the tulle and pink that Peyton owns, as well as add some fun new pieces. Here are some of my favorite picks that are in stores now:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.32.26 PM

XOXO Top, Gold heart onesie, Grey heart onesie, Heart PJs, Heart Coverall, Heart Tutu

I have been super busy pinning some fun V-day crafts, projects, and recipes! It’s going to be a fun and festive month!!

Month Three Favorites


Better late than never, right? Right around three months, babies stop being “newborns” and become more like tiny humans. Lo has such a cute personality starting to show. It’s so fun to make her laugh. We are all constantly walking around, singing silly songs and making silly faces, just to get some giggles out of London. Here are my favorites for this stage:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.29.29 AM

1. Tights. It’s so cold here. Like, single digits cold. We have a ton of cute onesies, and we make them practical by adding tights underneath the onesie. I hate pulling tights or leggings over the onesie, I feel like it makes your baby look like a little grandparent. I’ve stocked up on the Baby Gap ones. They’re soft, and not too constricting at the top elastic!

2. Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes. Let’s face it, babies get pretty gross. London sucks on everything within range, and drools uncontrollably. Three baths a day is super impractical, so the second best is a mini-wipe down with these wipes. They smell great, and clean really well!

3. Crinkle Toys. Something about the crinkle sound soothes Lo instantly. Lo received this crinkle bear for Christmas, he has been affectionately named Crispy Bear. And yes, I am aware of how weird that sounds.

4. The Bumbo Chair. I feel like this is a controversial seat, but we used it with Peyton and are using it again with London. Miss Independent does not like to lay on her back, she does not like to be carried around, unless she can face out, which kills your arms. She only wants to sit. Which is an issue when you’re 3 months old and not physically capable of sitting on your own. This chair is the solution!

5. Citrus Lane Box. When London was born, a friend got us a subscription to this box. I wasn’t sold on the idea, but after we opened our first box, I was in love. Once a month, we get a box delivered full of fun, new baby toys and products. It’s a great way to find new brands, and new favorites! Citrus Lane also features an online shop, where you can add to your box! (and if you sign up via my link, you get 50% off your first box!)

We are midway through month three, and absolutely love watching Lo grow. But, seriously, can she stay little forever??

All Brown Everything

FullSizeRender_3Quick hello! We have had a rainy start to 2015 here, meaning: frizzy hair. My go to: a sock bun or a fun hat to cover the poof I become. For this look, I added a felt fedora. My new favorite is adding a baggy crop over a flowy blouse. I rocked a look like this for Katie Dean’s latest trunk show!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2I am wearing:

Sweater: H&M (similar here) | Blouse: H&M | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Ring: ℅ Katie Dean Jewelry | Hat: Zara

Thanks for reading!