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Welp. We had a good run. Little Lo is officially a mover and a shaker crawler. It still takes a TON of effort, and she doesn’t get very far before she scoots herself back into a sitting position, but I’m definitely labeling her as a crawler. (She has been crawling/scooting backwards for about a month now)

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m obviously so excited for her, and the little look of determination and pride on her face is too cute (in the photo above, her tongue is definitely sticking out as she concentrates)…but now I have to baby-proof.

Collective sigh.

This means, making sure big sis didn’t drop any fruit snacks or blueberries or barbie shoes, basically anything London can (and will) stick in her mouth. Including dog toys. Charles has figured out where the doggie toy bin is, and loves to pull EVERY slobbery, half-chewed toy out… but hasn’t figured out the whole “cleaning up” thing.

Ugh. I just remembered the dog bowls exist.

This also means baby gates. Which are a pain in everyone’s ass. I can already imagine Peyton throwing a fit because she can’t get up/down the stairs, or to the potty. I can also imagine Charles barreling through the gates and ruining the walls. I’m officially on the hunt for a “modern-looking” baby gate. Do those exist? This one isn’t too bad. For Peyton, we just used a dog gate. A+ for parenting.

We also jumped the gun on decorating when we moved. Do you know how many vases, picture frames, and glass things in general are at crawler-height? What is it about a ceramic decorative bird  that yells “GRAB ME, BREAK ME!” to a baby?

In true little sister spirit, Lo sat a full 2 months before big sis managed to, and is now crawling at 7 months (by like a day, but I am totally counting it), whereas Peyton crawled for us at Christmas (Merry Christmas, here’s a baby gate! Love, Santa), which would had been at 9 months. London is definitely our independent little girl; at least Peyton still likes to cuddle with me!

Memorial Weekend

Barbecuing, sunning, and boating – oh my! We’ve had a busy weekend here with back-to-back parties! Friday, we hosted a going away party for a great friend who will be moving overseas, and who will be dearly missed! We took advantage of the Target Dollar Spot Memorial Day decor and turned the patio into an obnoxious display of patriotism. Drinks, burgers and dogs, bags (corn hole), washers, lots of laughs, and good music made for a memorable night. We also excessively used the word ‘MERICA. Like, really excessively.  We also set off a firework show in his honor. (The cheap “fountain” ones from the grocery store, yolo!) It was like a 10 gun salute, but cheaper and only a little less intense. I think he’ll miss us!

11209436_10102604070828205_1463958406833264633_n 11295604_10102604071901055_3224586553977275882_n10155544_10102604072205445_7780791468343164973_nAnd what’s a party without a dozen cardboard cutouts of the guest of honor? I can’t help but wonder what the people at FedEx thought as they were printing these out haha!

Saturday was spent riverside at our good friend’s house. They have a son a month younger than London. It was fun to be pregnant together, and even more fun to watch our kids pull each other’s hair, suck on each other’s hands, and occasionally look at the camera at the same time.


Arm wrestling to solve once and for all who has the cutest laugh 😉 also. I have to say, my shorts are from American Eagle and I am obsessed. I literally bought these shorts in 4 colors and might go back for more. I keep telling myself I’m not too old for AE. 

London experienced her first boat ride, and seemed to love it. Peyton weaseled her way into driving the boat, which turned into her honking the horn excessively, until our friend convinced her it was broken! After the boat ride, I got to take P out for her first jet-ski ride. I’m shocked she actually got on the dang thing. Homegirl put her big girl pants (or swimsuit), and we lasted about 20 minutes! She was very excited to tell daddy about the “wet ski” when we docked. Which was a shitshow. I wish somebody had a video of me steering the jet-ski into the hoist, then trying to dismount without kicked Peyton in the head, and then getting her off the jet-ski and hoist without either of us falling into the river. I grew up on a lake with boats, so it was a major blow to my pride. Nothing some cocktails can’t fix 😉

11230782_10102605188673035_6849169062219845704_n 11008452_10102605670362725_8418375153083998245_n10385505_10102605669778895_3078821459042423898_n 11011014_10102605672248945_5890243659287028758_n11246175_10102605669140175_1780574721857571394_n11037773_10102605668481495_8284356703721252211_n

We got home and Lo immediately fell asleep. Dave started the fire outside, and I whipped up some strawberry shortcake. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!


(and yes, P is rocking a bead necklace from the party Friday night)

Mother Nature wanted us to slow our summertime roll, and we spent the majority of today on the couch, watching movie after movie while it rained outside. I took advantage of the weather and the fact that Dave had been chosen as favorite parent by both girls, and cleaned the kitchen. Like taking things out of cabinets and the whole nine yards. for.every.single.cabnet.


peyton’s green dress | london’s romper | london’s sunhat | beach towel | star blanket | hide and squeak egg toy (we are all about this lately) | my blue shorts | my top is Sabine, similar here | peyton’s rash guard (<different print) | peyton’s pjs | peyton’s rain boots (serious foreshadowing here!) | latte bowlmy jeans

Fingers crossed for some better weather tomorrow!

Beach Picks

Random Spring frost advisories this week after a hot and humid weekend have me checking Groupon for family friendly island resorts. Insert practicality. So instead, I’m looking for swimsuits for the girls. Some of Peyton’s from last summer still fit (win!), but Lo can’t wear any of P’s baby swimsuits. Peyton was barely fitting into 0-3 suits, and Lo’s fab thighs can barely be contained by 6-12 month leggings. Get it girrrl. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite suits and beach essentials that are in stores now!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.29.19 PM

sun bum lotion | dolphin ride on (also love this guy) | flamingo towel | floral suit | polka dot tankini | pineapple suit | scalloped hat | beach radio | printed suit

The dolphin has yet to be located after the great storage room overhaul, but I have full confidence that we will get another season out of him. David bought it in Florida for Peyton last winter when we were on vacation. She burst into the cutest mini-tantrum, hugging him and saying she loved him when we told her we couldn’t take it on the plane home. I spent that morning sitting and laying on it to get ALL the air out, and then smooshing him into my carry-on. And OF COURSE I was chosen for one of those “random searches” after security. Nope, no weapons, just a giant deflated dolphin. I had to basically beg the officer not to take the dolphin out because I would have missed the flight trying to get it back in. Parent life.

I have been wanting that SunnyLife beach radio since I saw it in Anthro last year. Dave prefers the Beats Pill, so we will have to see if I win this one 😉

We have a ton of Lacoste beach towels which are perfect for the pool, boat, and beach! They’re oversized and perfect for when you have a soggy kid who wants to cuddle.

Peyton will be rocking last year’s PopUpShop Tiger suit this year, as well as a few from J Crew last year (like this and this), and I snagged this Baby Gap suit from a few years back on Ebay for London!

How We Beat The Heat

Michigan humidity is a thing of legends. Seriously. No humidity-fighting hairspray can match up to it. Our Neighborhood pool opens this week, but we had a VERY muggy Saturday. The only solution is to invite some friends over, order pizza, and fill a Rubbermaid tub with water and pool/sand toys and let the girls loose!


IMG_9599And, of course, that entertained them for about 30 minutes, until they were all fighting over the same bucket and had spilled nearly all of the water out, and our goldfish cracker supply was completely gone. That’s when Dave saved the day! Enter: Sprinklers.

FullSizeRender_2 IMG_9610Their faces were priceless, but I think Charlie had the best time trying to eat the water as it shot out of the sprinklers. Making a mental note to take a slo-mo video next time.

It was also London’s first time in a swimsuit! Enter all the heart-eye emoji here

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1How do you guys beat the heat when a pool isn’t an option? (especially with a baby) I would love to hear your suggestions!


peyton’s swimsuit (also love this one!) | peyton’s yellow shoes | peyton’s hair clip | and her sunglasses, old baby gap, similar here | lo’s swimsuit is older, similar here | lo’s hat |  beach towels | steering wheel toy (lo is obsessed) | stacking cups | water toys, some in the target dollar section now!! |

Summer Reading


We have had the rainiest week, and it looks like the weekend won’t be any drier. We have been laying low, in the new tent, and cycling through our favorite books on the daily. I like to buy the girls my favorite children’s books (Where the Wild Things Are, Ferdinand, Madeline, etc), but I also like to look for fun ones – hey, I’m reading the books, too! I absolutely love looking for new authors and especially illustrators. Most kids books are like works of art! I love displaying them on Peyton’s book wall!

10609563_10102076017576155_5570805159977360765_n(I also don’t recall a time when her room was THIS clean. Serious single-child living throwback!!)

Here are some of Peyton’s (and some of my) favorite books!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.04.05 AM

1. Flora and the Flamingo is an adorable book about friendship. P loves it because of the dancing, and mostly because it’s pink!

2.  Press Here is amazing.  Tullet is one of my favorite children’s book authors. They are SO engaging. Peyton is anxious to see what we have to do on each page, and always falls into giggles when the lights go out! 😉

3. Mix it Up! Is another by Tullet. Here, we get to mix colors from paint spats. Again, Peyton is learning to follow directions, and gets to guess the color outcomes (mixing red and blue, and flipping the page to find out what happens is always so exciting!)

4. Warning! Do Not Open This Book always send Peyton and me into giggles. We keep turning the page, despite the book’s many warnings, and the result is so silly! We set an elaborate trap at the end to save the day! Such a fun read!

5. Gaston is a favorite.  Two very different puppies learn the real meaning of friendship. Insert “awwwwe” here.

6. The Book With No Pictures is our latest book purchase. It is beyond hilarious. Peyton cannot control her giggles, which makes London giggle as I read EXACTLY what is on each page. Trust me. You want to get this one. And I typed all this with my monkey hands 😉 << have to read it to get that last line!

7. The Day The Crayons Quit is another favorite. I’ll admit this book breaks some of my rules. It’s really long, and helps P drag out bedtime, but for daytime reading, it’s perfect. It also has a few hard to read pages (like yellow, but maybe I just need glasses). That being said, I love it. Peyton loves it. It’s a win-win. I also try to read each letter in a different voice, which makes it even sillier.

8. Tap The Magic Tree is another “interactive” book. I struggle to find a word for these types of books. As we read, we wiggle and jiggle the book, and eagerly turn the page to see the result!

9. I Want My Hat Back is a different type of book. If you’re not familiar with Jon Klassen’s style, this book might come off as unexpected. For example, my mom hates to read this book (she also skips out on This Is Not My Hat). I like it, though! Again, I read each for animal in a different voice, which P loves. The bear spends the whole book looking for his hat, and asking various animals for help. He finds his hat at the end, and retaliates (this is where the book looses fans, like my mom). P and I like to quote this book throughout the day. “Mom, have you seen my pony?” “I haven’t seen it. I would not eat your pony. Do not ask me anymore questions!” And then we laugh and laugh. But. If you don’t like woodland animals (or fish in This is Not My Hat being eaten, maybe avoid Klassen!)

A few of the books I linked are available on Diapers.com. They are currently running a special where if you buy 3 books, you get the 4th free! The code is: 1FREEBOOK :) Happy reading, friends!!

Tent DIY

When we moved, we ditched Peyton’s Lucky Boy Sunday play house (completely sold out and I still get sad when I think about us selling it), and I vowed to get a teepee. Dave was waaaaay against a teepee because they’re huge. He’s right. I have been pinning simple, A-frame tents on Pinterest for months now, and Monday, I finally decided to attempt it.

I used this super easy tutorial to make the frame. First, I went to Home Depot to get all the wood. I had most of the other supplies, but I did need to get a cover for it. I opted for a canvas fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Following the instructions, I used Dave’s drill and 3/4″ spade bit to drill holes 6″ down in each piece of wood.

IMG_9383I then fit the dowel through the holes. This was probably the hardest part, but the 3/4″ holes hold the dowel very securely!

IMG_9384Follow the steps outlined in the original tutorial here for the tent cover. It would have been easier to use a twin flat sheet, but I had seen a hand stamped tent on tumblr and was convinced I could do it. I used foam board and acrylic paint. I still need to go through and touch up some of the triangles, but Peyton doesn’t mind little details like that! She absolutely loves the tent, and has even requested dinner inside it because it’s a “camp out”.

IMG_9386Her being obsessed with it is really the only affirmation I need. It was a solid $30 and 2 hours well spent!!