Splish Splash!

Nothing smells sweeter than a freshly-bathed baby! Today, I am sharing some of my favorite picks that help make bath time a success!Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.03.16 PMBoon boats. Both girls love to stack these boats, and London loves to sink them over and over again. The simple design makes them easy to dry – so that’s a mom bonus!

Boon duck. I love how these fun prints really jazz up the classic rubber duck. We own this duck in a slew of fun prints!

Puj bath treads. When Puj sent me their bath treads to try out, I was ecstatic. I’ve been on the hunt for something to make the tub not-so-slippery, since Lo has outgrown the baby tub. However, everything on the market is too cutesy, too bulky, too hard to keep clean, etc. These were so easy to install, are east to keep clean, and I looooove the fun colors. Bonus? They actually work!

Shampoo. Peyton has super fine hair, and we’ve tried TONS of shampoos, we love the Honest Company (and it smells great). Another favorite is from Tubby Todd. Tubby Todd’s all-over ointment was a life-saver when it came to London’s cradle cap!

Lotion. London has sensitive skin, and the Michigan fall air is ruthless. Nothing like slathering her up in Aveeno to keep her silky smooth.

A fun, hooded towel. Because what’s cuter than a happy, bath time baby popping out from a hooded towel? I mean, really.

With London’s new “I’m one and can feed myself” attitude, we are getting a lot of use out of our tub, and the products above simplify life for us!

Fall-Themed Friday Favorites

We are loving this fall weather, despite Peyton bringing step-throat home from school (yuck). Yesterday, Dave helped me decorate the fireplace wall, and it really has me in the festive mood, as if I needed any help.

CQLzKSgVAAA5B-RIgnore Return of Jafar (we have been on an Aladdin kick since the release onto Apple TV).

halloween banner | multi-colored garland

With the inside being all decked-out, it only made sense to pack the girls up and head out to grab some pumpkins to decorate the front porch!

12112350_10102856995380375_6110973673736742017_n 12119075_10102856997521085_543950860489178723_n

peyton’s coat | boots | london’s mocs

I also put the 10,000 apples we got from the orchard to use. Who can resist some yummy, homemade apple bread?? You can find the recipe here, and believe me, it smells sooooo good while it’s baking.12071034_1472280516412350_2023098577_n

I am also planning on making these apple cider floats for our football party we are hosting in a few weeks!

We also busted out some of our Halloween books for the girls. Some of our favorites are: Room on the Broom, Seven Orange Pumpkins, and Vampirina Ballerina!

I also have some fun outside activities planned for the girls. Now that London is more of a “toddler” the girls are playing so well together – I love this sweet spot we’ve fallen into! Gourd bowling is on our must-do list, as well as this fun pumpkin race, and an outside scavenger hunt!

I just treated myself to these over-the-knee slouchy boots. I needed some good flats for my pregnant feet this fall, and I love the suede and the tie-back detail. They’re very comfortable, too! I can’t wait to pair it with some dark wash skinnies, and a basic white tee, and this adorable sweater I picked up last week at Target! (I didn’t see it in stores today when I went, but it’s on sale online!!)

Happy Friday!!

Cold Weather Style

We woke up today to 45 degree weather, and frost on our car windows. We have to park outside because we are re-doing the driveway, and my poor car took a rock to the back windshield AND lost its passenger-side mirror in the week we’ve been outside. Fortunately, I have a loaner, but it was still covered in frost, and of course, I had no scraper. But I digress. This cold weather has me coat shopping for the girls. Neither one of them will fit into their winter coats from last year. Luckily, there are some adorable styles out there. Shop my picks below!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.24.27 AM

ivory coat | baby boots | baby mittens | pink puffer coat | knit mittens | heavy-duty mittens | boots

In our rough Michigan winters, we need mittens for the girls of when we are running errands, and then more heavy-duty mittens and boots for when playing in the snow. I am counting down the years until we can retire somewhere warm!!

Happy Hump Day, and thanks for all the birthday wishes for London!!

London’s First Birthday Party

London doesn’t officially turn the big O-N-E until tomorrow, but we celebrated her birthday this weekend with family and some of our closest friends. Being 20+ weeks pregnant, and having two kids to chase around, I was realistic about the party. Dave usually tells me I go way overboard, so I tried to reel it in for this one. We had no set theme, and didn’t even have a special cake for London until the day of the party – mom win. But everything fell together very nicely, and most importantly, everyone had fun! London dug right into her cupcake, and we learned that the red frosting stains. Like, it reaaaaally stains. She still has red on her hands and neck after two baths – oops. But we had no tears, and perfect weather, so I’ll take a few frosting stains!

Here are a few snaps from the party, with sources for everything listed at the bottom! Enjoy!!12038161_10102848851720335_1931281127856333130_n 12038490_10102848657614325_2226381838154719678_n1978610_10102848854195375_409136941095663466_n 12036500_10102849325381115_1999111329722912833_n 12036438_10102849325690495_2682649411822062674_n 12011239_10102849325720435_3521377726035827480_n12032285_10102848860537665_7718468902282476972_n

I made the tissue paper background. A super-easy DIY post can be found here.

birthday banner | monthly banner | plates | napkins | big balloon | teepee | mexican blankets

We are excited to celebrate London’s actual birthday tomorrow, which means more cake for preggo – which I consider a solid victory.

Happy Monday!

Apple Picking

Yesterday was day 2 of Fall, and we have wasted no time getting into the spirit! Dave and I packed the girls up and drove a bit outside the city to my favorite orchard.  Peyton was beyond excited to carry the “U-Pick” bag throughout the orchard – that is, until it got too heavy and she passed that duty off onto Dave. London found a tiny apple on the tree and was tugging and tugging, so I helped her get off. She carried that tiny apple for the whole time we were at the orchard, the drive home, and played with it at home. Tiny apple for the win! We couldn’t help but stop in the little shop and stock up on cider and donuts before we headed home.

I am also so excited my bump finally decided to pop! Yay! I am officially 21 weeks now!

Here are some snaps from our festive day!

11037050_10102846018413305_77336162275932930_n 12027566_10102846017829475_9092292538086917592_n 12031992_10102846016811515_2335328360965007878_n 12036984_10102846017889355_4986998060977734020_n 12049516_10102846017879375_310747439980575282_n FullSizeRenderIMG_5810 IMG_5812sources

my cardigan (also love this one) | my dress | my sunglasses | my ring | peyton’s top | and shorts | london’s mocs 

And now, to finish party prep for Lo’s birthday party tomorrow and to figure out what I am going to bake with all these apples!!

Peace Out, Summer!

Ah, fall. Arguably the best time of the year, by any common white girl’s standards. It’s definitely my favorite. Cool enough for boots and layers, but not so cold that the air hurts (seriously, winter in Michigan is rough. I live somewhere where the air physically hurts). But I digress. We had a killer summer, and it’s so crazy to look back at photos from late springtime. London was in her cranial helmet, and not mobile yet. Peyton had just turned four.

Our summer was filled with beach days and boat rides. Sand castles and ice cream runs. Fireworks and baby-chasing. Carnivals and mini-vacations. We finished the patio this summer, and completed the waterfall/koi pond. London is now not only crawling, but walking. AND OMG SHE TURNS ONE NEXT WEEK. We found out we are expecting baby girl #3 this summer, which has been one of my highlights. Peyton has grown up SO much, and is so much more self-confident and independent. It’s amazing to watch. And London’s little personality has become more and more apparent. She’s spunky and loves to test limits. She’ll never pass up a snuggle, and is so easy-going (as long as there’s food nearby).

11393197_10102646880392495_7330975484977933466_n 11059607_10102675750132305_7516498782125783984_n 11062141_10102694943473695_5479948017208120395_n 11009346_10102694940130395_7462673429481440659_n 11822686_10102740227534075_4934677555740414723_n1510371_10102688635844235_6694155992094348754_n 11825054_10102738004364325_7698395288446350427_n11907196_10102771823710085_7571410724917295715_n 1507588_10102813811640935_3577968295572036099_n 12036514_10102840851148545_3459427306730572383_n 12004711_10102835882495765_6352779262082205799_nAnd with that, I cannot wait to see what this fall has in store for our crew! We are planning a trip to the orchard tomorrow. I’ve also been forbidden to bring pumpkins onto the property until October 1 (shoutout to Dave), so a trip to the pumpkin patch is coming up, too! London was so tiny last fall, so I am excited to make new memories with her before #3 steals her baby-thunder!