London’s Half Birthday!

Hard to believe my baby girl is already almost six months old! Her half birthday falls on this weekend, which should be a busy one, so here are our monthly picks (early for once!)Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.19.30 PM

1. Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Chew Toy – by the makers of Sophie. No other explanation needed, basically. London Likes the way this one fits in her little hands better, plus, it’s a little different. Peyton calls it the “mooshroom” which is also adorable.

2. California Baby Sun Screen – because it’s getting warm and sunny!! I love how California Baby has a sensitive solution. We used this when Peyton was a baby, too!

3. Rompers – One of my favorite (read: one of the easiest) ways to dress a baby is in a onesie. Rompers are a jazzed up version. Still one piece, still has snaps for diaper changes, I am eyeing this one from J Crew, and we have this one from Baby Gap (pictured).

4. Snap Bibs – these. are. amazing. They’re super easy to wash (they wipe clean!), and don’t stain. And they’re adorable.

5. Stacking cups – we have a set saved from when Peyton was little, and they entertain London for so long. Well, when big sis isn’t taking them away to build towers, then getting annoyed when little sis gleefully knocks them down and laughs. I can’t help but laugh when Peyton yells, “STOP LAUGHING, IT’S NOT SILLY!” 

6.  Elephun Ball Popper - It’s SOOOO funny to watch London’s reaction when the balls start popping out of Elephun’s nose. Or when I am helping Lo to stand and she gets her face right into the nose as the air turns on or a ball shoots out – SURPRISE!

7. An Exersaucer – We made the horrible mistake of not properly storing Peyton’s, and went to find it in the storage unit when London was born, surprise, it was covered in black mold. So that got thrown away ASAP. I found this one at Target and love the beach theme. I think it is unisex enough, on the off chance that we have a little boy in the future.

A lot of the items in this month’s favorites are toys, but the past few weeks, Lo has been crazy active and really cutting back on her sleeping time; so we play all day! She might have won the genetic lottery and gotten Dave’s ADD, because we cycle through toys faster than Taylor Swift cycles through guys. #sorrynotsorry

She is ALWAYS super active and chatting away in baby talk. She has been sitting since last month, and we are finally to the point to where I can walk away without worrying about her toppling over! This little monster cannot wait to crawl, and we are already seeing some signs (lord help us!) Dave thinks she will be mobile by Easter. We shall see!

And no post is complete without an adorable photo, so here is your daily dosage of London cheeks: 


Shirt: Baby Gap | Leggings: J Crew Baby | Headband: Little Hip Squeaks

DIY Crayons!

I absolutely love to find little projects to do with Peyton, especially when it’s too cold/rainy to go outside (which is what our past week has been). I love making these crayon shapes! it’s a great way to recycle those broken crayons. You know, the ones that cause over dramatic tears, and then you have to smuggle into the garbage and you feel like you’re trying to get drugs over the border.


These are super easy to make, and Peyton got to color-code the crayons, so her 3 year old OCD was content. She also had a blast picking out which colors to put in each. Are all kids this meticulous, or is it just mine?IMG_7068We picked Spring colors, as we are planning on handing these out to her classmates, but you could do any colors (you could even make them solid, P just loved the idea of a rainbow crayon!


We preheated the oven to 300 degrees. I read somewhere online that Crayola crayons melt the best, so we used those! Then we peeled the wrappers. I don’t know what kind of glue they use, but you’re going to need an Xacto knife for this. Then break (or cut) up the crayons into little pieces. Stuff them into silicone molds. You can find them at the grocery store, or get the bunny one we used at Party City in the Easter section!

Make sure you pack the crayons in well. They melt down quite a bit.

Bake them at 300 for about 10 minutes on a baking sheet. Just long enough for all of the crayons to melt. Be extra careful when you remove, because the wax will splash around.IMG_7070You can see where we lost some wax when I pulled them out too fast! (oops!)

Let them cool until they are completely hardened (took about 45 minutes for ours), then turn the molds over, and pop them out!

IMG_7072And voila! You have adorable crayons (and you don’t have to waste the broken ones, or worry about being turned over to toddler customs!!)

Interior Update!

Over the weekend, we celebrated our year anniversary for moving into our new home. We have been SO happy with our neighbors and the sense of community. It really outweighed the annoyance of actually building a house. Which we will probably never do again.

We spent the weekend laying super low and watching a ton of basketball. Fun fact: I can’t stand basketball because all I hear is squeaking tennis shoes and the ball bouncing.  I swear this time of year, I could go spend thousands at the mall, and not even have to sneak in a single shopping bag, because David wouldn’t look away from the TV. But really. We are all getting over one of the worst colds in the history of colds; but poor London is just not getting better. Which means no one is getting much sleep. So a low-key basketball-filled weekend was fine by me.

We did manage to finally finish decorating the last room in the house. It only took 12 months… So here are a few photos!

IMG_6861I like to imagine one day, we will be empty-nesters, and I’ll be able to sit here and read a whole book!

CAyYR7UU8AQfeySThe green bottle is just a San Pellegrino bottle. We had the candle and faux white flowers from other seasonal decor, the white vase was super clearance at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago!


Photo Canvas: Canvas Discount | Chevron Chair: West Elm (we removed the legs) | Stump End Table: West Elm | Wood Sofa Table: West Elm | Cow Hide Rug: CowHidesInternational (looks shady, but the site is legit!) |  Reclaimed Wood Art Piece: UrbanWestDeisgns | Chalkboard: MXOwoodworking | Flower Garland: Target 

Have a great Monday!

Spring Has Sprung!


Happy Spring!! It’s so nice being able to get outside with the girls, albeit we are still slightly bundled up (Michigan needs to get the Spring memo!) We are slowly getting Peyton’s outside toys out of hibernation, and it’s adorable seeing how excited she is. Each time David would get a new toy out, Peyton would shout, “I didn’t even know I missed this, but I missed it!” which was probably the cutest thing ever.

1977168_10102472283615835_2848823032832652335_n(No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo) But really. Peyton is a pretty horrible driver. I’ll post a reminder right before her 16th birthday to stay off the road. 10930087_10102472285377305_8752316464983770465_nLondon absolutely loves being outside, and as much as I hate posting selfies here, her little smile is too cute not to post!

Oh, and with the new season, I was feeling the need for a change. So I had five inches chopped off of my hair! I had to get on board with the lob trend this season. I think it’s super flattering on everyone! And I absolutely love it! Peyton told me I looked like Tangled at the end of the movie, then pet my head repeatedly, which I can only assume is a sign of her approval? 11060250_10102479491101975_3840358705496777773_n

London’s Hat | London’s Coat (adorable color here) | Range Rover Car

St. Patrick’s Day Festiveness

I’m only Irish by marriage, but I’ll take it! Yesterday, we almost hit 70 outside, and today, we will be lucky if we hit 40. Mother Nature suuure got our hopes up for an early Spring. But we aren’t letting it get us down. We woke up with a super festive breakfast of green waffles and fruit this morning, and have been sporting our most festive outfits to celebrate St Patrick’s Day today!

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 IMG_6666 FullSizeRender_1 CATxem0U0AAT0eP CATmkTzWcAEYnVp

Even Peyton’s school lunch was extra festive!FullSizeRender

And we will be spending the afternoon feasting on the remaining Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats we have!



London’s Playsuit: Hudson & Ruthie | The Girls’ Tights: Wovenplay | Peyton’s Dress: Gap (old) | Shamrock Clip: Miss Alyssa Jo | Star Blanket: Aden and Anais (cute ones here, too!) | Lunch Box: Easy Lunch Boxes | Fork: Re-Play

Happy St Pat’s and think green ;)

Easter Decor!

Guys. We are going to hit 67 degrees today. Feels like summer! Which means this afternoon will be VERY busy and full go sidewalk chalk, wagon rides, dog walking, and probably bubbles. I love being able to get London outside!

We spent our weekend getting the house Spring-ready. Not to be confused with Spring Cleaning, because no. I climbed up the rock wall and hung a new garland, and P and I arranged some pretty faux eggs in a vase. She loves to help me decorate!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_4


Eggs: Target | King Chicken: Pier 1 | Egg Wreath: Target | Mini Chick: Pier 1 | Egg Tree, Moss Bunny, Blue Pot: Target Dollar Spot | Floral Garland: Pier 1 | Easter Garland: Pottery Barn Kids

And because no post is complete  without a photo of one of the girls, here is my little cookie monster, making cookies over the weekend:


Click here for our cookie recipe!

Happy Monday, all!!