One Month of London

We made it a month! You’d be surprised how little sleep you can actually function on. But it’s worth it, because she is absolutely adorable.

10387399_10102193184372955_1854075467079334116_nI thought it would be fun to round-up some of our must-haves for surviving the first month:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.57.24 PM

1. California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – this stuff is amazing and smells great. We are also obsessed with the lotion.

2. Cute Burp Clothes. Because the “burp cloths” by Carters are cute, but worthless (sorry), nothing beats the cloth diapers for soaking up spit-up, but why do they have to be so ugly?

3. The Boon Drying Grass. This might be the cutest and most functional purchase we’ve made. I didn’t think I would love having it sit out on the counter 24/7, but the green actually matches some of our decor….so I am considering this art. The cute accessories are a must.

4. The 4Moms mamaroo. This is everywhere now, and I think anyone who owns it would recommend it to any pregnant friend. London loves to be held [read: screams when put down], however, she will sit in this long enough for me to make dinner!

5. Crewcuts baby clothes. I didn’t even know J Crew made baby clothes until I got pregnant. Now, I can’t get enough of them. They’re less “babyish” and more stylish.

6. The Cybex Aton Q. My husband and I spent literally an entire Sunday scouring the internet for the perfect carseat/carrier. We wanted one that wasn’t bulky, but that looked modern. We stumbled upon the Aton Q and fell in love with the silhouette. It has a few new safety features, like its new “safety leg”. We bought a base for each vehicle, and it’s so easy!

Wish us luck as we start on month 2!

Fall is for Ponchos

FullSizeRender_2Best part of fall fashion? Definitely all the layering! Best part about layering? Mixing up textures. I loved the clean stripes paired with the chunky cable knit poncho. Have I mentioned I am poncho-crazy this fall? I’m starting to hoard them – help?

FullSizeRender_2I felt effortlessly chic with the poncho, but it was very boxy, so I kept everything else streamlined. Dark wash skinnies and tall no-fuss boots did the trick!FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRenderI am wearing:

Poncho: Zara | Shirt: J Crew | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Aldo | Ring: ℅ Katie Dean Jewelry

Thanks for reading!

Weekend Recap

I mentioned before that this weekend was our neighborhood Halloween party, and i miiiight have mentioned how we were totally going to win Best Family Costume.

Guess what? WE DID! Drumroll, please… we were… UP!

10734278_10102184553384525_6700113237895965924_nI started collecting/working on our costumes in August, since I wasn’t sure how crafty I would be feeling post-London. So glad I did, as these costumes went from being hand-sewn, to hot glued Friday morning! Seriously, Peyton’s costume was hanging together solely with hot glue!

1609554_10102184644561805_2616586101606762926_nI used felt to make the Wilderness Explorer logos, and used the extra felt to make the sleeping bag on the bottom of the backpack, which ended up being the candy bag for trick-or-treating. The Girl Scouts sash was an eBay find. Shocked someone sold theirs!! The rest of the outfit was found on amazon/ebay/goodwill.

1654033_10102184639841265_6263711526970983293_nMr Fredrickson was a little easier. Take a tweed blazer, add a bow tie and walker, spray the hair white, and top it off with a pair of fabulous glasses, et voila! The house is actually a tissue paper cover (found here) that I colored [read: got high] with sharpie markers. Note: do this outside. Really. 10363882_10102184766786865_4206651049543747577_nDon’t mind Peyton’s Kim K tears in this photo – she did NOT want to pose. My husband is also wearing one of our Solly Baby Wraps which was a SERIOUS lifesaver at the party.

I cannot express in words how much I love Halloween. I would wear cheesy Halloween shirts all month if my husband would let me. Sadly, he judges. Fortunately, I have kids – I cannot handle this headband. I taught Peyton to say, “I’m batty for Halloween!” you can find this bat headband from Ellebowtique. We have a matching one for London. Just wait for those photos.

10366016_10102188709795045_8999389570366219796_nAnd I totally am obsessing over Ellebowtique’s pumpkin headbands and her simple braided headbands.

Hope you can beat the Mondays today! :)


Seriously. It was just one of those never-ending weeks. The girls had me on my toes constantly, and Dave had to work a bunch, which meant it was 2 v 1, and I barely won. But, it’s Friday! We have our neighborhood Halloween party tonight, which has been deemed an “extravaganza” due to the amount of RSVPS. 75 kids. Crazy. So excited for trick-or-treating, donut eating contests, gourd bowling, fun music, and just hanging out with our fun neighbors. Also, super excited to unveil our costumes! I have been working on them for over a month – we better win the costume contest ;) I was also asked to make a chalkboard and set up a backdrop for photo-ops. Always fun to get creative. i am also in charge of desserts for the party – shocking, I know. Luckily, I have my little helper in the kitchen with me:

FullSizeRender_1Don’t worry – the spoon-licking happened post-frosting ;)

FullSizeRenderPeyton also had homework this week. Yes. Homework from pre-school. Fortunately, it was fun! She was given a pumpkin, which for a 3 year old is the best thing that could ever happen, and then told to decorate it (with mom and dad’s help) without carving it. We opted for a melted crayon pumpkin, because I am obsessed with those canvases and P loves to make them with me. We painted her pumpkin white, and she picked the crayons she wanted, and we set to work.

IMG_8435IMG_8436FullSizeRender_2I love this picture, because she was SO proud of herself. Her happiness was short-lived when she learned she had to leave the pumpkin at school until Halloween – gasp.

Dress, Vest, Boots, Bow

I hope you have some fun weekend plans ahead!!

Black and Chambray :: Feeling Like Fall Today

FullSizeRenderMy perfect fall morning involves coffee downtown with a good friend. It’s finally scarf and sweater weather here, and I couldn’t be happier. FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_3A Katie Dean Jewelry arm party always add that little punch an outfit needs! Plus, how cute is that midi-ring??

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2I am wearing:

Top: TopShop (old, similar here (on sale!!))| Scarf: Free People (similar here) | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Aldo (current season here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Bracelets: Katie Dean Jewelry, Cartier | Ring: ℅ Katie Dean Jewelry

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Fall Festivities

We’ve been finding time to enjoy fall between rainstorms this week. The weather has been surprisingly warm, making it feel a little like the end of summer. I’m hoping the warm temps last for trick-or-treating. Nothing ruins a costume faster than adding a North Face jacket and hat!


Vest, Dress, Mocs, Headband, Stroller

Peyton’s new favorite phrase is “I can do it, I am a big sister now!” This applies to EVERYTHING. Making food. Getting in and out of the car. Attempting to change a wiggly London’s diaper (does not end well). And, pushing her sister in her stroller. She made up an ADORABLE song, and was signing it as I was snapping this picture. It went something like this: I’m pushing baby London in her stroller, it’s a black stroller, I’m her big sister, she is in her stroller, there is a cup holder.

Total mom-moment, but I seriously can’t help myself with the matching Halloween outfits from Carter’s:


I entertained Peyton during a very rainy afternoon by making “ghosts”, she was SO proud of herself, and insisted I take a photo of her with the finished product:

1609933_10102163839704905_6321100999726966144_nAnd yesterday, London and I dodged raindrops as I helped a friend pick out the perfect crafting pumpkins. I secretly love any excuse to bust out my Solly Wrap!